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हिन्दी में: Quora, Reddit और Yahoo उत्तरों के बीच क्या अंतर हैं? .. He returned to their seat and sat with his many friends, such as Wikipedia and .. The creation date of an article's question (not answers anymore) is hidden to . For instance, you will find the most intriguing answer to questions like “I want. Yahoo! Personals was an online dating service provided by Yahoo!. Contents. 1 Features; 2 See also; 3 References; 4 External links. Features[edit]. The Yahoo!. Well simple but analytical definition of a "Yahoo-Yahoo Boy" can be defined according to Initial Thrend of early days of Yahoo Yahoo Boys: ONLINE DATING & SHOPPING .. It's rather intriguing knowing that we're blinded.

Especially in childhood, maintaining closeness and harmony between twins can be hard work. From an early age, twins often feel intense competition as they struggle to forge their own identities beyond one half of a duo. The upside of all this is that it forces twins to become relationship experts by default. They know that they have to live together. One studyfor instance, found that twins who had a strong bond with each other also reported more intimate relationships with others.

Growing up as a twin, then, sets you up for a lifetime of dating just a little bit differently. While I was writing my book, men in their 30s would recall their early days of dating.

You asked people out. Today, daters have many options, and they like to keep things open-ended. This has led to a generation of crippled decision makers who opt to keep things casual for a long time, have the lightning-quick ability to shuffle their prospects, and have terrible communication patterns. Usually, this happens within the first few dates. Hannah Jacobs for Yahoo Style and Beauty More Benching Since there are a lot of prospects in play, many daters try to keep in touch with multiple at one time.

He or she could be dating someone else, but still kind of interested in you. This prospect or even ex is someone you completely wrote off, got over and forgot about.

Until, of course, they come back from the dead. Sometimes zombies re-emerge from the metaphorical dating graveyard with a rush of old feelings. It can be amusing, intriguing or infuriating to suddenly hear from a prospect to whom you last spoke some six months or a year ago.

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Yahoo certainly was the most powerful and popular website then and this coincidential with the Boom of Cyber Cafes. Since both the Internet, Yahoo.

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A Child was born aslo known as Cyber crime. Due to the high rate of joblessness or most youths,they discovered the Internet as a means of communicating to the outside world wivh we refer to Western world. This communication started with Email exchange however with the discovery of the Yahoo Instant Messenger,a faster and much more preferable medium of instant message exchane was later embrassed by these ideal youths.

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Initial Thrend of early days of Yahoo Yahoo Boys: They would sign up on dating sites with false identities such as Anold retired expatrait in his late 50s but in most cases they faked to be foreign females living either within or Outside Nigeria. The stories are infinate.

However the point is that they ensure they develop a intimate relationship most times built around romance. After the orders where made they use the addresses of their prey Maga as shipping address that their "Order loot" was sent.

Now this example was the initial trend. Initial Thrend of later days of Yahoo Yahoo Boys: The new focus was now the use of fake money orders and cheques being sent to the gullible maga's to cash on their behalf. Now this was an interesting point in the Yahoo Yahoo boys metamorphosis. It tooks a lot of guts and connections to carry out this level of cyber crime. Initially the Maga succeeds in cashing the money from his bank in his residence,Can you beat that ,simply amazing but illegal!!

Sorry i forgot to tell you how the scam is pulled,Now this type of scam involved a close mutual understanding with the Prey Maga Our Yahoo boy usually fakes to be a retired white man in Port harcourt or wherever that needs his or her prey to do him a quick favor by lending him money with the promise of sending him or her a cheque or money order that they can cash at their own end.

Suprisingly most times these fake cheques succeeded in being cashed.

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Once they are cashed,a mutual understanding of percentage cut is sometimes brokered with the Maga now re routing th money to our Yahoo Yahoo Boy in Nigeria via Western Union Money transfer. They usually used fake names to retrieve this money in collaboration with a top notch official in the Bank they are comfortable with.

Fake passports or drivers liscense are acquired in less than 24 hours when it comes to clearing heavy loot. Now the spending spree begins and they live large like some millionaire.

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Illegal funds gotten from illegal means. Later Thrends of Yahoo Yahoo Boys: This option involves the female counterparts collaborating with the male to achieve a common goal. When night browsing was still the order of the day,cyber cafes will be fully booked to the brim with these yahoo yahoo boys coming with their girl friends and sometimes hired call girls.

I guess you know what they came for,well its simple live Indecency shows for the old perverts at the other end in exchange for the little western union they can get in return. The happy days are gradually fading away as they have it very tough now.

So simply put the yahoo yahoo boy is a scam artist that uses the internet to the best of his advantage however in a negative manner. Contrary to most people perception,Yahoo Yahoo boys are not the ones responsible for those boring unbelievable lenghty scam mails that bombard our mail boxes.