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best romance fictionpress yahoo dating

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Words: 1, - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 17 - Follows: Is known for dating at least half of the boys in her class- and some of the girls too. Best friends with Birdy Coe. total bitch. has an obsession with swag. takes way too An orphaned kid that was adopted by Ms. Yahoo. Books Are A Girl's Best Friend is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for Twilight Yahoo: [email protected] (feel free to email me! hinthint) all her time on MySpace, or talking to a girlfriend on a cell phone or regular phone. Maximum Ride - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 81 - Words. DarkSweetRose is an author that has written 3 stories for Romance. Even though I write and I still love to and will keep writing no matter what if I'm bad or good at it, I do speak really good english though just i'm working on [email protected] . My Stepbrother Wants To Date Me! by portabellaprincess reviews.

Then they discover that he's her teacher.

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Full summary on homepage. Until he ripped her heart out and accused her of cheating.

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Then she kissed other guy. Until first guy interrupted. And as if that wasn't enough, adding a stalker into the mix sure doesn't help! How will she cope living in a new state, and having a whole new life. More importantly how will Jake handle falling for his best friend's new younger sister? Flames only if constructive. He's a 31 year old teacher. Chapter nine has been added!

best romance fictionpress yahoo dating

Nina has an older brother named Nick. Nick has a best friend named Aiden. Nina absolutely hates Aiden with a great passion, or is it a different kind of passion completely? But this can't be! While trying to get her life back on track and face up to her fate, their friendship blossoms into love. That's for damn sure.

best romance fictionpress yahoo dating

I just moved and it seems like this whole stupid town's keeping things from me! Everyone has a past I know that.

best romance fictionpress yahoo dating

If I don't get all these pasts fixed, there wont be a future for any of us. Julia is new to the school, but adjusting well. But why does she find love in impossible places. Can anything work for her or will it tear her apart? Rated M for a reason. I loved him for his looks, didn't give a damn about his personality, I love him so much and he dosn't love me. She can have any guy. When Richard shows up, she wants him. But something about his eyes reminds her of another boy that hurt her and may be back to kill her.

And when she gets into trouble, why is it that her ex is the one to save her Fiction: Jack is the typical rocker, sleeping with any woman he chooses without repercussion.

Myrna Evans is a hot-as-hell psychologist who decides to go on tour with the Sinners, and they all lust after her. Before He Was Famous, by Becky Wicks Book One in the Starstruck series Falling in love with your best friend presents its challenges, but things get even trickier when your friend is the uber-famous Noah Lockton. As they continue to deny their feelings for each other, the cutthroat music industry threatens to tear them apart forever. When rock guitarist Rhys Alexander dies, his soul becomes trapped in the body of a young woman who experienced a brush with death.

Addison thinks she is going mad, but she soon realizes that there is another person living inside her.

She can hear him, sense his feelings, and even feel his touch. It's just one more level to clear. Satomi Sato Cleverbot - The much too clever Japanese transfer student.

She's wicked fast on a computer and has a sharp tongue. She looks cute, but her words sting.

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Jynxx Jackson Pandora - Music-loving, calm, sort-of reggae like person. Very "chill" and laid back, takes his music seriously, though. Always has his headphones! Likes almost every kind of music. Will listen to anything but Country. Rex Goodman Bing - Rex is a young kid who is very smart and will probably skip a few grades. Seventh Grade, and is known for being that "cute, innocent" kid.

Google and always tries to out-do him.

best romance fictionpress yahoo dating

He has a lot of information in that little head of his. Bad attitude and superiority complex. Genevieve Smithers Pinterest - School Counselor. Very kind and sweet, has certain likings to certain things. Loves to help out and feels like a mother to the students and hopes she makes a difference- which she does.

Cannot have kids therefore she runs a small foster home for two kids- one of which being Scrivere, and another a small baby. Often teaches students fun crafts.

best romance fictionpress yahoo dating

Google Google - Adoptive father of Kayit. Google is a very wise, very hardworking businessman. He keeps Kayit on a tight leash, scolding him whenever he finds that Kayit has pirated music, movies, or TV shows and, of course, making him delete the pirated data. He can be kind of strict and hard on Kayit, but he isn't mean. He is friends with one of the school's teachers, Alvis White, who comes to him for answers whenever he does not know something.

He is in love with Ms. Yahoo, but is so busy with his work that he does not have time to seek after her; plus, he just hasn't had the time to take a close enough look to realize that she has feelings for him as well.