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Toolkit for requesting online marketing apis. Contribute to zedwoo/online- marketing-api-toolkit development by creating an account on GitHub. The SISTRIX Toolbox has different alerts available that permit every user to be Alert Sichtbarkeitsindex that you do not want there, such as blog archives or various filter-URLs in online shops. This alert will keep you up to date by email. Als Basis wurde dafür wie üblich der SISTRIX Sichtbarkeitsindex herangezogen. Hier ist die Tabelle mit den 25 größten Verlierern nach absoluten Verlusten.

Those are the two worst offenders of them all. The dreck on those sites is disgusting. I have learned things there. Ehow is owned by Demand Media. But my understanding is the old Ehow is different than the new Ehow that is centered on long tail and a very unnatural writing style. I am a bit surprised to see MerchantCircle and Business. However, I have never been to eHow and actually learned anything. Now if Google can just wipe out the scraper sites, that would be awesome.

Much of the stuff I have encountered on about. As for ehow, there has been thing I have come across their site that was of use. But this situation is not in the majority. The content on ehow does not always fully provide the answers to the questions and is a little very thin. As for Ezine Article, they fully deserve what they got. Really should have pulled their finger out and done something a couple of years back.


On their site, there appears to be a lot of short articles which are effectively about sales promotion and not of help to the reader. Perhaps they knew what was coming and did everything to drink up the Google Adsense juice.

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  • Using Alerts in the SISTRIX Toolbox

That would make me happy. Changes can also highlight problems. The number of indexed pages of a domain in Google is an important indicator. Google will, depending on page size, set limits and decide individually how many pages go in the index for a domain. Pages may also be excluded from Google due to technical problems. When you take pages out of the index as part of your optimisation strategy you can also monitor your process with an alert.

Alerts for indexed pages are just as easy to configure as the Visibility Index alerts.

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It is important to keep the drop-down-menu in mind for the threshold to define a percentage or absolute change. In moments of carelessness, mistakes may still happen.

Using Alerts in the SISTRIX Toolbox - SISTRIX

Even Wikipedia was once mistakenly set entirely to noindex. Indexed pages are, in contrast, also important for the detection of other mistakes.

For example, when URLs are added to the index that you do not want there, such as blog archives or various filter-URLs in online shops.

Number of Keywords The alert for the number of keywords monitors the number of rankings that a domain has in the top on Google for a selected country. This alert is especially important. If a page goes down by number of keywords it also means the loss of search phrases. The number only goes down if keywords drop out of the top results on Google. The configuration of the alerts for the number of keywords is a little different from the other alerts.

Because of this, the alert can be configured to be based on different modules. This alert will keep you up to date by email. You may register your own domain in the alert and choose the country and module to be monitored.

Competitors are defined by the commonalities in the rankings. Due to this, notifications are also very important as they are about fitting pages from third parties. New URLs If you want to be kept up to date about whether your competitors are publishing new content on their websites, you can configure an alert to inform you about new URLs and their contents.

Existing Alerts All alerts already set up are available in the overview page. There you can also edit or delete every alert. In the settings you can also decide on the interval for emails for all alerts. Daily, weekly and monthly notifications are available and you may also pause the email alerts. Conclusion It is important to remain up to date about notifications alerts. You cannot manually monitor all the data for your domain, but it can harm your business when, for example, the domain loses rankings without you noticing.

The examples above were supposed to show you how easy it is to set up and configure alerts. When push comes to shove, alerts can be an early warning system before the sales of the website give out completely.