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online dating patent

Do all dating sites license the patent from Spark Networks? been acquired by Internet giant IAC, which owns, Tinder, OkCupid. Online dating service receives U.S. Patent No. for " method and system for identifying people who are likely to have a. A newly created Texas entity on Tuesday hit Match Group Inc, parent company of the dating app Tinder, with a patent infringement lawsuit in.

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Looked at in that light, the suit looks eminently winnable for Spark Networks—whether they are legally justified or not. In some ways, the JDate patent is a lot like the Alice Corp patent. They both do a kind of escrow work. What if in a pre-computer era dating companies provided ways for people to see each other, but only matched up people who expressed mutual interest? This is a good time for a montage of video personals from the 80s: Now is it a safe bet that the company that shot these videos only told women that these dudes were interested if the women were interested in them?

Okay, this is starting to make sense, but could you maybe make it really confusing again? Another company with a very similar name, Spark Network Services SNSheld a very similar patent to matching profiles based on compatibilityawarded in the same era. In other words, Mr. Egan says that this Techcrunch report is incorrect, because the company never sued 2RedBeans, an Asian immigrant-focused dating service.

Spring Street Networks had a similar model, before it all fell apart. What if JDate wins? Odds are, it would happen before trial. So the technology community would miss out on a chance for the courts to offer additional instruction on their interpretation of Alice.

One entrepreneur in the dating business who asked to remain nameless said that it would earn the company a reputation in the dating community as patent trolls. JDate, our entrepreneur said, is at an inflection point. Its average number of paying customers is lower now than it was in The company had strong but expensive growth from to on its Christian dating site, but lost about half of it the next year. We own two patents. We explained that Friday. It would only talk about the outcome of the latter suit.

Zoosk apparently settled out of court with Spark. So is this how tech ventures are going to go out henceforth? Dying by degrees, but using old patents to take a few challengers out in the courts as they go? Referring now to FIGS. The methods of online dating shown in these figures are essentially the same as before, except that the potential member transmits the documentary information or other personal information by fax, electronically, regular mail, or by some other means directly to the service 12 as shown in FIG.

In the embodiments shown in FIGS. The date tag could be imprinted on the photograph or the date tag could be some other tag capable of verifying the date of the photograph such as the subject of the photograph holding a newspaper or magazine with the date clearly visible. The potential member then provides the photograph to the service 12 or, alternatively, to a screening service. In addition to the obtaining of personal information from the potential member, the center 16 will also accept signed authorizations from the potential member for further investigation.

Again, the number and type of authorizations obtained may be a function of membership level, if multiple levels are provided. Authorizations could include forms permitting access to Department of Motor Vehicle records, medical records, criminal records, to conduct screening of blood and urine samples, and the like. Additionally, the center 16 could obtain from the member 16 urine and blood samples, for purposes of conducting tests for the presence of drugs, alcohol, or sexually transmitted diseases.

Alternately, a potential member could be referred to a medical practitioner or the like for purposes of providing such samples. Information and authorization obtained from the potential member should be communicated to the service The investigator 18 can inquire into a potential member's marital status, criminal background, employment record, educational background, professional licenses, court records, driving record, credit record, and other information potentially relevant to a potential member's suitability as a dating or marriage partner.

It is preferred that the investigator s 18 be one or more vendors that operate independently of the service 12 and pursuant to an agreement therewith, though it is possible that some or all of these investigation services could be performed internally by the service 12 or by a screening service.

If the investigator s 18 is independent of the service 12, it will communicate the information that it obtains regarding a potential member to the service The method of online dating shown in FIG.

Preferably, the information collector will photograph and measure the potential member preferably height and weight. The information collector may also gather other basic information, such as the person's name and address. The information collector preferably will also collect signed authorizations from the potential member for further investigation.

In addition, the information collector preferably will also collect any documentary information in order to transfer this documentary information to a screening service for verification purposes. Once the information collector has completed collecting information, the information is then communicated either directly to the service 12 or to a screening service for verification. The screening service would then communicate its findings to the service When the information gathering process is completed, the service 12 may then communicate to the potential member whether or not he or she has been accepted as a certified member as opposed to a potential member at the beginning of the process.

At one or more of the foregoing steps, payment can be required of the potential member, in the form of an application fee, processing fee, provisional membership fee, monthly membership fees, membership fee, or the like. Preferably, the potential member pays at the beginning of the process, but holds only provisional member status until verification of personal information is achieved.

Upon acceptance as a member, it may also be desired to require payment of a periodic subscription fee, such as a monthly fee, for participation in the service Once a potential member's membership in the service 12 is finalized, the service 12 should take the necessary steps to make the new member's personal and background information available to other members of the service Preferably, members of the service 12 are required to update their personal and background information on a periodic basis, for example, once a year.

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With respect to the possible feature of membership levels, these can be differentiated on one or more bases. Higher and presumably more expensive levels can require greater disclose of personal and background information.

online dating patent

Alternatively, or in addition, higher levels can require more frequent updating of personal and background information. By way of example, it may be desired to provide three levels of membership—bronze, silver, and gold—with bronze being the most basic and gold being the highest.

A bronze membership may only require confirmation of identity, height and weight, a current photograph sand marital status.

online dating patent

A silver membership could additionally require home ownership confirmation, provision of a birth certificate, income verification, and a credit report. A gold membership could require the silver and gold information and, in addition, driving and criminal records, substance abuse testing, professional license and association information, etc.

It should be noted that where membership levels are provided, there may be as few as two or more than three. Where different levels are provided, it may be desired to limit a member's access to other members at or below his or her level.

For example, a gold member could access gold, silver or bronze members, while a silver member could only access silver or bronze members. Alternatively, a one-time fee could be charged for accessing members at higher levels.

Alternatively, each member could access at least bronze level personal information from any other member, but additional personal information will only be available to those of an equal or greater level of membership.

online dating patent

The service 12 will preferably perform other functions, in addition to those described above. For example, it can facilitate the filing by e-mail or otherwise complaints by one member against another. It can, relatedly, create records of such complaints, so that they may be reviewed by members.

The service 12 can facilitate a member's response to complaints against him or her, and possibly the resolution of complaints. Such test s could be administered at the center 16, or online via the service's web-site or the web-site of an independent test administering entity. In this embodiment, personal information verification for dating is provided for users in an offline forum.

Initially, a user would provide personal information to a personal information and authorization receiving center or potentially to an information collector as discussed in other embodiments above. This certification could come in the form of a personal card that could be used in much the same way as a business card, whereby one could present such a personal card to a prospective date in person or when meeting for the first time face-to-face.

online dating patent

While the invention has been particularly shown and described with reference to preferred embodiments thereof, it will be understood by those skilled in the art that the foregoing and other changes in form and details may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. A method of verifying information for online dating comprising the steps of: A method of providing verified potential dating partner information comprising: The method of claim 2further comprising verifying a height of the person, wherein the step of inputting further comprises inputting the includes height that has been verified as the height of the person.

The system method of claim 3further comprising verifying an age of the person wherein the step of inputting further comprises inputting an indication of age that has been verified as an indication of the age of the person. The method of claim 4wherein the step of inputting an indication of the age of the person comprises inputting a date of birth.

The system method of claim 4further comprising posting an indication that the verification of at least one of the photograph, the height, or the age is current as of the verification date. The system-method of claim 2wherein the step of verifying a date of the photograph comprises verification by an entity that took the photograph or referring to a document created by the entity that established the date that the photograph was taken. The method of claim 4wherein the step of verifying an age comprises referring to a document created by a government agency that establishes the indication of age.

online dating patent