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la aventura del poseidon 2005 online dating

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The Queen Mary is only 85 feet from her waterline to the top of her superstructure. Thus, Improperly ballasted as Poseidon is in the story, a complete roll-over when struck on her beam is not impossible. Maiden voyage of the Queen Mary on May 27th, The builders of Queen Mary had thought her size made her impervious to such a disaster, but in her first year of service,she rolled so badly in a storm that her passengers told newspaper reporters they felt sure she was going over.

Her master, too, had in mind this possibility when, during World War II, he requested that the number of troops she carried be reduced from 15, to 10, during the winter months.

la aventura del poseidon 2005 online dating

Indeed, in the Fall,issue of The Saturday Evening Post, Paul Galileo writes of a stormy crossing in the Queen Mary during which she heeled so sharply that the sea seemed to pass just under the windows of the dining saloon.

This gave Galileo the idea for The Poseidon Adventurewhich he was not to activate for some 20 years.

La Aventura del Poseidon (2005) Se vuelca el Barco

The film The Hollywood reporter, in Marchannounced that Avco Embassey had purchased the film rights to the book. Kent Productions was Irwin Allen's production company and it was announced in Variety that he had a three-picture deal with Avco, one of which would be The Poseidon Adventurewith a finished screenplay due by October and production starting soon after.

But, unbeknown to Avco, Irwin Allen had already discussed the film with 20th Century Fox, but Fox had turned him down which is why he went to Avco Embassey. At the time Avco had named a new president, and he was against the film due not only to budget, he thought the story would just not be a boxoffice hit and would be very hard to reproduce realisticly on screen.

This happened just weeks before shooting was scheduled to start. Variety headline encompassing Irwin Allen's rise to fame. The film's first script was written by Wendell Mayes, but in NovHollywood trade papers noted that Stirling Silliphant had been hired as a writer.

While the sources stated that Silliphant would rewrite the script completely, both he and Mayes received onscreen credit for the screenplay.

The ship launched in as an ocean liner carrying up to 2, passengers. Upon its retirement in in Long Beach, CA, it was restored as a hotel and tourist attraction. For the storm sequence, Neame mounted cameras on gyros to create the illusion of a swaying ship.

Hell Upside Down: The Making of The Poseidon Adventure

The scenes that occur after the ship overturns were shot on the Fox lot, where Neame and production designer William Creber used historical photographs and plans to build near-exact replicas of various areas of the ship.

The dining room was built right-side-up, some sections to be hoisted with a forklift so it tilted up to thirty degrees, then inverted once the pre-capcizing scenes were filmed flipped upside down. The filmmakers also constructed a miniature Queen Marymeasuring twenty-two feet long, that was photographed inside a studio tank. A second bomb is planned to explode, but was earlier dismantled by a sea marshalRogo.

Because water is now entering only one side of the ship, it tips over, throwing many people to their deaths. As the ship continues to tilt, the center of gravity on the ship causes it to flip completely into an upside-down position. Many passengers and crew are injured, crippled, or killed.

la aventura del poseidon 2005 online dating

Ballard's arm is seriously injured. Shelby and one of the showgirls are trapped on a table that is secured to the floor, which is now the ceiling.

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They are both rescued. Shelby and Ballard then begin helping the injured. A small group of survivors, including Shelby's mother, prepare to escape the sinking ship through the hole left by the bomb.

la aventura del poseidon 2005 online dating

The cruise director convinces most survivors in the ballroom to stay, telling them the ship is not sinking. Shelby decides to stay and help the injured, but knows her mother and younger brother need to leave before it's too late.

While climbing a ladder inside a ventilation shaft, the ship rocks from more explosions. Acres falls and perishes despite Rogo's attempt to save him. Leaving the shaft, the group meets a large band of survivors led by the ship's medic, heading toward the bow.

Scott believes they are heading for their doom, but Rogo wants to follow them and gives Scott 15 minutes to find the engine room. Although he takes longer than allowed, Scott succeeds.

The Poseidon Adventure (TV Movie ) - IMDb

The group discovers the engine room is on the other side of a flooded corridor. Belle reveals she is a former competitive swimmer and volunteers to go through, but Scott refuses her and dives in. Halfway through, a panel collapses on him. The survivors notice something is wrong, and Belle dives in. She frees Scott and they make it to the other side, but Belle suffers a heart attack. Before dying, she tells Scott to give her Chai pendant to her husband, who in turn will give it to their grandson.

Rogo swims over to make sure Belle and Scott are all right, then leads the rest over. When Rosen finds Belle's dead body, he is unwilling to go on, but Scott gives him her pendant, reminding him that he has a reason to live.

Scott leads the survivors to the propeller shaft room's watertight door, but another series of explosions causes Linda to fall to her death.