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Unusual morphology was seen: Numerous malignant large and single cells with prominent nucleoli and abundant cytoplasm in a background without the stroma, occasional mitosis, and the abundant apoptosis. Cell block immunocytochemistry was confirmatory. Awareness of the postchemotherapy changes in this tumor will allow us to diagnose recurrence. A rare association of Sarcina with gastric adenocarcinoma diagnosed on fine-needle aspiration p. We demonstrate the present case to highlight the presence of Sarcina with a coexisting gastric adenocarcinoma diagnosed on fine needle aspiration cytology.

joc table 65 online dating

Yolk sac tumor of cryptorchid testis diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology p. Majority of them arise in the gonads. Yolk sac tumor of undescended testis has been rarely diagnosed.

joc table 65 online dating

We present a case of yolk sac tumor in right undescended testis in a 2-year-old child primarily diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology.

Primary pulmonary synovial sarcoma: Diagnosis on squash smears p. They occur predominantly in the extremities, followed by head and neck. Primary pulmonary sarcomas are very rare and comprise only 0. The diagnosis is established only after sarcomas like primary lung malignancies, and metastatic sarcomas have been excluded.

For synovial sarcomas that arise at unusual locations, a definitive diagnosis is challenging and requires the use of ancillary diagnostic procedures such as immunohistochemistry IHC and molecular genetic techniques for confirmation of diagnosis.

We report a case of year-old male who had right lower lobe lung mass.

He underwent right lower lobectomy. Intraoperative squash smears revealed spindle cell sarcoma. Subsequent histopathology and IHC confirmed the diagnosis as synovial sarcoma. We report this case on account of its rarity and to emphasize the utility of intraoperative squash smears in the diagnosis of such cases, which has been under-utilized in clinical practice.

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Polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma of lip clinically mimicking squamous cell carcinoma: An unusual presentation p. We present a case of upper lip swelling with ulceroproliferative growth, clinically mimicking squamous cell carcinoma SCC. Fine-needle aspiration cytology smears suggested PLGA, which was later confirmed on histopathology. Cytological findings of an extragonadal yolk sac tumor presenting at an unusual site p.

Fine needle aspiration biopsy is an extremely useful procedure for the diagnosis of YST. Main objective is to describe the characteristic cytological features of fine needle aspirates of YST. We report a case of YST in a 4-year-old male child occurring at paravertebral region showing cytomorphological details.

Diagnosis by fine needle aspiration p. Abdominal wall endometriosis is a rare entity.

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Most of the abdominal wall endometriosis occurs in or around surgical scars following caesarean section or hysterectomy. We report a case of scar endometriosis following caesarean section and diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology FNAC. Excision biopsy confirmed the FNAC diagnosis of scar endometriosis.

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A high index of suspicion is required to diagnose these lesions, as these lesions can mimic benign skin lesions and clinical findings may be subtle.

Fine needle aspiration cytology FNAC is commonly employed for diagnosing these skin lesions. However, it is often difficult to aspirate adequate material from small papular lesions. The aim of this study was to assess the significance of micronucleated cell in effusion fluids to distinguish adenocarcinomatous from reactive mesothelial effusions.

joc table 65 online dating

Thirty cases of unequivocal malignant effusion fluids and 30 benign cases with reactive mesothelial cells as control were studied. Number of microucleated cells present per well-preserved cells in Leishman-stained smears were counted. The median scores were 13 and 2, respectively. This study revealed that there was a significant difference in micronucleus scoring between benign and malignant effusions.

Joc table 65 online dating

Micronucleus score can be used as an additional biomarker in the interpretation of routinely stained cytosmears. Cytological evaluation of thyroid lesions by nuclear morphology and nuclear morphometry p. Fine needle aspiration FNA of the thyroid gland is an effective diagnostic method. The Bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology classifies them into six categories and gives implied risk for malignancy and management protocol in each category.

Though the system gives specific criteria, diagnostic dilemma still exists. Using nuclear morphometry, we can quantify the number of parameters, such as those related to nuclear size and shape.

The evaluation of nuclear morphometry is not well established in thyroid cytology. To classify thyroid lesions on fine needle aspiration cytology FNAC using Bethesda system and to evaluate the significance of nuclear parameters in improving the prediction of thyroid malignancy. In the present study, FNAC cases of thyroid lesions with histological diagnosis were included.

Computerized nuclear morphometry was done on 81 cases which had confirmed cytohistological correlation, using Aperio computer software. One hundred nuclei from each case were outlined and eight nuclear parameters were analyzed. In the present study, thyroid lesions were common in female with M: F ratio of 1: Under Bethesda system, 73 Sensitivity, specificity, and diagnostic accuracy of Bethesda reporting system are Minimal nuclear diameter, maximal nuclear diameter, nuclear perimeter, and nuclear area were higher in malignant group compared to nonneoplastic and benign group.

The Bethesda system is a useful standardized system of reporting thyroid cytopathology. It gives implied risk of malignancy. Nuclear morphometry by computerized image analysis can be utilized as an additional diagnostic tool. Histological follow-up in patients with atypical glandular cells on Pap smears p. Atypical glandular cells AGCs result in the Papanicolaou Pap smear may be associated with significant genital and nongenital neoplastic processes.

To evaluate the underlying histopathology in women who had AGCs on Pap smears.

Journal of Cytology (JOC): Table of Contents

Clinicopathological data of patients who had AGC on Pap smears and underwent histological workup between January and December were retrieved from the computerized database of a tertiary care center. Patients with a prior history of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or gynecological cancer were excluded.

Chi-square test or Fisher's exact tests were used as appropriate. Cytological examination of the uterine cervix was carried out inpatients. We identified patients 0. Significant preinvasive or invasive lesions on pathological examination were detected in 27 Patients with AGC on Pap smears should be evaluated vigilantly with histological workup, especially if they are postmenopausal or symptomatic.

Age and pattern of Pap smear abnormalities: Implications for cervical cancer control in a developing country p. To characterize the age and pattern of Pap smear abnormalities in a major teaching hospital in Southwestern Nigeria. This is a review of medical records of patients that came for cervical cancer screening. The Pap smear results of women between May and April were retrieved. A total of The mean age of the women was Normal Pap smear result was reported in Only 20 women has had more than one more than one Pap smear done.

The most common abnormality was inflammatory smear result as this was reported in Atypical glandular cell and squamous cell carcinoma were reported in 12 6. There is a high incidence of abnormal Pap smear in this environment and women start cervical cancer screening late in their reproductive life, past the age at which cervical premalignant lesions peak. This may be a contributing factor to the high burden of cervical cancer in developing countries.

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Evaluation of the efficacy of post prostatic massage urine cytology in diagnosis of various prostatic lesions with cytohistological and clinical correlation p. Elderly men are at high risk of various prostatic diseases carrying high morbidity and mortality rates. For screening large populations, there is a need for a simple, reliable, and noninvasive test with high sensitivity and specificity.

Exfoliated prostatic cancer cells can be harvested by prostatic massage and subjected to cytologic examination and molecular tests. This study was undertaken to evaluate the morphology of various prostatic lesions on post prostatic massage urine cytology and correlate cytologic, histologic, and clinical findings.

It was further proposed to establish the diagnostic accuracy of post prostatic massage urine cytology in different prostatic lesions. Totally, cases including 50 cases each from study group and control group were subjected to post prostatic massage urine cytology and correlated with clinical and histological findings. For nine cases each of prostatitis and nodular hyperplasia diagnosed clinically, the diagnostic accuracy by cytology was and Collection of urinary specimens after prostatic massage provides adequate samples for cytological examination and carries great importance in establishing the preoperative morphologic diagnosis in cases of malignancy, prostatitis, and prostatic calculi.