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Find Open Source Alternatives to commercial software | Open Source Alternative - helps recommend a open source software alternative or replacement for commercial products and even shareware. Remember that open source. Each review of the video scribe software will underline the pros, cons, If you have any questions, feel free to comment bellow as we likely have the and features to make VideoMakerFX up to date with similar tools. If you don't have to keep creating videos, then a better alternative may be VideoScribe. in my new Mac (high Sierra) and they are working on a fix with no date. (free at is probably the most popular free alternative.

They say thing on their sales video about themselves that is directly contrary to what their customers have experienced with Explaindio. They are very good at mimicking what big business does with their sales page; using a simple and clean sales video that is intended to build trust with the audience. However, while the outside can be shiny, the inside is a mess.

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One thing unique about Explaindio as mentioned is their consistent twists. So instead of focusing on how they can add more value to their customers, taking feedback to improve their product for their customers, they focus their efforts on how to create new things they can sell you.

These are typically very minor pain points that they pitch well to make it think you need it for a sale. Overall Explaindio is a good video creator and whiteboard explainer video creator however there are some faults in the system and support of Explaindio. The software is good but the value for customers can be questionable.

I find Explaindio 2. I think they use some very smart and sly marketing gimmicks to milk their customers. I find also that their product presentation, much like Explaindio product and culture is about fillers and fluff rather than real value. They fill Explaindio 2.

The Best Video Animation Creator - VideoMakerFX Vs. Explaindio Video Creator Vs. VideoScribe

I find the biggest irony. In review of Explaindio 2. It certainly falls short of the quality these individuals need however it can suite for video consultants who want to create some small, simple, low-quality animations. As a simple freebie or value-added video for their clients — a foot in the door of sorts. Sorry about the overall negative impression on Explaindio. As mentioned, it can be a good software and there are some good points about it but I got to their sales video and sales page; knowing what Explaindio really is like and seeing customer feedback first hand, it irritates me about their lack of integrity and scam-like practices.

After the launch was over, they then released Explaindio 2. Seems like a bait and switch to me. Another case in point, the Explaindio sales video B. You have more fluff in Explaindio than any video software, possibly. However, with the amount of professional industry grade software, do you really think Explaindio, which was created as a copy of VideoMakerFX, really has the most video features in the world?

VideoScribe is a product of Sparkol. VideoScribe was one of the first whiteboard animation software created; first released in As indicated on Wikipedia, VideoScribe had amassedusers by April Notably VideoMakerFX incorporates video animation with your whiteboard scribe video function. VideoMakerFX also has pre-created templates that allows you to simplify the process of communicating your message.

Effectively, you can take a video already professionally designed and add in your text to share your story. The purpose of this is the save you time. Yet while VideoMakerFX is a phenomenal video animation and whiteboard animation software; VideoScribe by Sparkol specifically focuses on the whiteboard animation aspect. If whiteboard animation is all you care about then VideoScribe may be a good solution.

VideoMakerFX provides you more flexibility with the type of video you create. VideoMakerFX also adds ease to your video creation process by providing you templated options for your quick fix communication tool. This may be helpful and useful feature for people on the go or those that may want to demo the whiteboard videos created to their clients on their iPad of course you can simply upload any videos to your iPad but this may provide you the slight additional convenience of showing the draft and then editing it accordingly to request on the spot although perhaps it may not be a good idea to show then how easy it was for you to create it.

You can drag and drop your images and have the software sketch out your animation in the order you like with the speed you like to match with your voice over. It makes it a very simple process. I really like the simple whiteboard interface that mimics a real whiteboard that VideoScribe uses. VideoScribe has one of the more cleaner and simpler user interface available. With overindividuals using the VideoScribe software, you can be assured that Sparkol will invest sufficiently to ensure that VideoScribe is kept up to date.

The faster you make your VideoScribe, the more realistic it will seem to be real style drawing. I also like the varying different hands you can choose to make it seem more realistic matching to your brand.

The price of VideoScribe for one month is equal to half of the one-time fee you would pay for VideoMakerFX which then gives you unlimited uses to the software to create unlimited videos hence overall VideoMakerFX serves a better value than VideoScribe while VideoScribe is a respectable software in itself.

You can only make whiteboard videos with VideoScribe. While this may be enough for some, it may not be the best medium to communicate your message. Whiteboard videos are very versatile and can fit almost any message you might want to share. Hence sometimes you want an animation video that VideoMakerFX has to fit the style. As mentioned VideoScribe by Sparkol is the only whiteboard animation software that you can install as an app.

This can also be much more easier and convenient. You can create unlimited videos with your VideoScribe subscription license validity. You still will be able to use the videos you created after your license expired.

Overall VideoScribe is a viable whiteboard animation creator. It is a tool that is used in many academic institutions which means you can expect for the developers of VideoScribe, namely Sparkol, to keep up with updates and improvements for VideoScribe. Furthermore VideoScribe is one of the early developers of whiteboard video animation software; they have a solid and proven software used by many small business owners and professional marketers.

With VideoScribe, you have a proven whiteboard video animation software that has already been tweaked over the years benefiting from feedback of their large customer base — you have a proven and useful whiteboard video animation software available to you.

Lastly, VideoScribe is also the only whiteboard animation software we are familiar with that provides support on iOS and Android apps for your accessibility on tablets; it can be useful for working on the go with your tablet and increases the accessibility just a little more. With all these said and done however, we have a few gripes about VideoScribe which brings it bellow VideoMakerFX in our opinion.

Firstly VideoScribe only does whiteboard video animation. While it does a good job at whiteboard video animation, you do not have access to Sparkol which is a separate video animation software similar to VideoMakerFX. Effectively, the versatility of VideoScribe is lower than VideoMakerFX where you are able to create whiteboard videos as well as a host of simple animation videos and done-for-you video templates to save you time. Secondly, VideoScribe charges a high monthly fee.

The Best Video Animation Creator - VideoMakerFX Vs. Explaindio Video Creator Vs. VideoScribe

Nonetheless, while doing it yourself with these powerful video creation software will save you a lot of money, pound for pound, you still get more value from VideoMakerFX than you do with VideoScribe. In conclusion, while VideoScribe is an excellent tool for its purpose as a whiteboard video software, we would still recommend VideoMakeFX over VideoScribe. You will find more versatility and value with VideoMakerFX…getting the same outcomes but with more options available to you in the longer scheme of things.

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You may especially appreciate the video animation and video templates found with VideoMakerFX. The Internet Society on the other hand has tried to initiate a movement encouraging ISP, webiste and hardware vendors to take the leap to IPv6 anyway - and thus promote their businesses by using cutting-edge technology. Another reason why IPv6 has taken such a long time to be accepted is that it is not compatible with IPv4, even though they can exist side by side. But not being compatible means that every piece of software communicating on the internet has to be re-written to support IPv6.

Luckily, a lot of software already supports IPv6 - and especially open source software. The communities around each of the open source projects have a natural interest to support new features; and many projects strive to be forerunners in these areas. On Open Source Alternative we have tagged each open source project that supports IPv6 with an IPv6 tag - making it easy to see and search for software that supports IPv6.

A list of all IPv6 enabled open source projects is available here: The software, however, gets you nowhere, unless your hosting provider also supports IPv6, which is the reason why Osalt switched to Linode VPS for great hosting and IPv6 connectivity to the internet. On the other end of a connection to an IPv6 webserver is of course an IPv6 web browser.

Again, the open source community has the answer in terms of Firefox and Google Chrome.