Part time small business ideas in bangalore dating

15 Best Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs in India () That Work!

part time small business ideas in bangalore dating

Feb 28, Ajay Gupta, Editor, Entrepreneur India, Disposable cutlery and containers are products that are a part of our day to day life. . of the people in Bangalore are more bothered about time rather than what they eat, Professionals, Engineers and The Retired, to start (side) Businesses that are low . Starting points on proven business ideas that can be executed on while you still keep No matter how rewarding your full-time job may be, there's one thing that's When I set out to start a new business, I always make sure it aligns with both my .. Believe it or not, some people have such a difficult time at dating, that they. Jan 8, This is the ideal small business idea for your part-time business. Petals Shop · How To Get A New Logo Design For Dating Business Start-Up.

This includes a range of individual ideas, like key-chains and photo frames, to group gifts like commemorative gifts. Custom and personalized gifts can prove to be a viable business option for individuals with creativity and tenacity. Moreover, it includes a low-budget investment as low as Rs. Renting a commercial space is not needed as this business can be conducted, right from your house. Break-even period for this business is 1 year.

Try to consider every option for personalizing gifts. This can include etching, engraving and painting, while createyour own custom gift business. Lately, food trucks have become quite the norm in the evolving restaurant business.

Many young business-minded people consider a food form to be an ideal area for a startup and it provides them with a diverse market, as well as access to multiple locations at an initial capital investment that is much lower than what is needed to open a restaurant. The main form of investment goes into the vhttps: Most people prefer to use a secondhand vehicle.

The dimensions depend upon the cuisine being offered and the vehicle can be remodeled and redesigned. A proper choice of location where there is clear visibility and an absence of competitors around can boost sales.

Purchasing kitchen equipment and hiring manpower is the other significant cost that is incurred. However, the net returns can easily outweigh the investment in quick time.

Hence, an investment of 2 lakhs can help you start your own food startup! Here is a simple way in just 10 steps. Ideas for Startups under 2 Lakhs 1. Housekeeping and Cleaning Services The population is the urban areas of the country are booming by the second. More and more people are flooding into the cities in search of better opportunities, and hence, there is always a need of proper maintenance of the accommodation.

This is one area which young entrepreneurs can exploit. The shortage of skilled labour in this field has led to a significant demand for these services. The trend today amongst employers is that they offer hourly payments to attract as well as retain talent in this sector.

With a basic budget of under 2 lakhs, young business-minded people can start off by hiring people for labour and then pitch to other businesses and firms.

21 Easy-To-Start Part-Time Businesses

Accountancy Services The current scenario of the corporate world is much different than what it was a decade ago. An extravagant increase in work pressure has resulted in many organizations leaving their staff overburdened. Moreover, companies nowadays need to put in extra effort for maintaining their accounts and b compliant with regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Quite often, they are understaffed. This is one avenue where people aspiring to establish a low budget start-up can exploit, as most companies often require a significant number of bookkeepers and accountants.

You can easily start off a small accounting firm by hiring an established chartered accountant and interns. You can start as a small accounting start-up that provides low-cost accounting services and builds your way up from there. Most people at least own a smartphone, if not a laptop. It is quite evident that most of these devices will require maintenance, cleaning, upgrades or repairs if damaged. This is one arena where an individual can focus on, for starting a low-budget start-up.

The workforce to be hired can be low, as even one capable person would be enough for functioning. A major part of the investments would be used in purchasing tools and a commercial space to set up the start-up.

This page will help you out. Trip Planner This is not among the conventional ideas for a start-up. Multiple opinions goes against the idea of this particular start-up. Showcase your photography skills with quick portfolio or do some voluntarily photography at various wedding and corporate events to get noticed. Let it be tutoring primary classes or college students, the potential is always there if you are good at explaining the concepts!

There is a big market for tech and gadgets at every place throughout the world and thus opening a business which sells tech products is a smart choices. Irrespective of the type of business, it will require PCs and its accessories. Buying products from a wholesale market and then selling the same online is good money making proposition.

You can take use of ads to find new customers. You just need to brainstorm what people may be looking for. Becoming one in a city like Bangalore is none too difficult, because it has all the technology and infrastructure to let you explore the web and build up your own empire online. Let it be a local information website, city deals website or just anything that creates value for locals or for a broader community, bring it on!

10 low-investment business opportunities for small towns

Being one of the major technology hubs of India, Bangalore is the most fertile ground for software companies to grow. The technology is making lives of just everyone and in Bangalore, people are making most out of it by shopping online. You can setup an online shop, however what you sell will require you to do some research, i. Just like any other big city, people in Bangalore are always looking for the best opportunities, so a recruitment agency can always attract a large population, no matter how many recruitment firms are already working there!

Yes, busy cities have too many events and so people always find the event managers too busy. Same is the case in Bangalore if full of event management opportunities. Let it be the first birthday party, a fundraising event, fashion show, product launch or a concert, they all happen too frequent in Bangalore!

part time small business ideas in bangalore dating

The scenario is entirely different today. The purpose may be the same that is to speak your mind but today many bloggers earn enough to replace a salary. Yes, blogging can be a career choice now! Here is a quick guide to starting your blog for free on Blogspot or blogger. Also here is another guide to creating your own blog for free on wordpress. What is a blog. Today blogging is one of the most profitable business ideas in India for women.

Low investment business for ladies sitting at home You can earn by writing for others. Based on your expertise or niche, you can get paid between INR for a thousand words blog in India. Your experience, writing ability, and niche will help determine your actual rates. So where does one find such freelance writing work? Another good place to get freelancing work is on fiverr.

Small-scale business for women Are you good at art? Do you have a keen aesthetic sense? Can you do flyer or brochure designs or maybe book covers? Maybe logo designs, or social posts like facebook or instagram posts? Well, you will be glad to know that people pay for digital artwork. So go and register with any one of the popular freelancing services such fiverr. You will get paid more on Upwork and freelancer.

Best business for ladies With rising inflation and ambitions, most families have both parents as working. Making day care services a lucrative business option. Call it the necessity of working parents, who need to keep their kids with someone who provides a safe and playful Daycare service.

This trend of nuclear families with both parents as working is pushing the requirement for Daycare service even higher.

part time small business ideas in bangalore dating

Somethings that you need to take into account before you opt on day care services as your small business idea are: Security must be of high priority. You will need security guards, sweepers, cooks, drivers and ayahs verified by the police. The number of employees you hire will depend upon whether it is a home based service or if its a professional day care in an independent location. There should be a doctor on call to handle emergencies.

You can check them out or research them and get some idea about what you will be getting into. There is hardly any woman who is not fond of makeup. Be it a ceremony, party or any event, women do visit beauty parlour to have a gracious look. Parlour services such as hair cutting, facials, make-up, waxing, hair styling, threading and others have a huge demand with indefinite customers.

If you have the necessary skills and required space at your home, consider establishing a parlour business. For newbies, there are a lot of videos on YouTube to learn from. The only downside of running a parlour is it requires a significant amount of initial investment, primarily when you operate from outside home.

Now you can avoid putting up a brick and mortar store for beautician services. Of course, that means a lot of travelling may be involved. All you need is an artistic touch and materials for the products you are interested in building in. Handmade greetings, scented candles, toys and wooden products are the best way to start a business journey. You are free to make any handicrafts of your choice though.

If you are not a trained handicraft maker, you can attend online training programs or search for YouTube videos to get yourself ready. The handicraft market has seen significant growth over the years, especially since the influx of e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. If handicraft is something that ignites your passion, you should find it a pleasant start-up to help yourself economically. The best online international marketplace for handicrafts seems to be Etsy.

Etsy has an international customer base. You can set up shop with Etsy here and sell to international customers.

You can also register as a seller with Amazon handmadeAmazon handmade is an initiative by the e-commerce giant to compete with Etsy. You can apply to amazon here to be an artisan seller with them. However, we recommend that you set up your own web store and use digital strategies to reach your customers on google, facebook and other social media networks. Most of the students struggle to comprehend a particular subject in a classroom setup.

School teachers are usually equipped with a generic way of teaching, and it is difficult for them to give attention and support to an individual student.

part time small business ideas in bangalore dating

The reasons mentioned above open up a potentially profitable business idea with almost zero investment. Think of a subject you have a good hold on and develop your teaching skills. The best thing about providing private tuition is you can decide how much time you want to dedicate to the students.