Brother mfc j5910dw review uk dating

I am experiencing problems sending a fax. | Brother

brother mfc j5910dw review uk dating

Brother MFC-JDW: This fast, generally competent MFP is good value. Be aware, however, that while it can Brother MFC-JDW review. Printers. Simon Handby. 17 Mar facebook · twitter . Supplier, At this price the Brother MFC-JDW is good value for money, but if you're looking for an A3 multifunction printer for high-end photo printing. Brother mfc-jdw- Inkjet Multifunction Printer, WITH WI-FI, MB Also check our best rated Printer Scanner reviews Date First Available, 20 Oct. .

brother mfc j5910dw review uk dating

Colors in graphics were a little dull rather than vibrant, but still well within the range of acceptable. The overall graphics quality is easily good enough for most business needs, including PowerPoint handouts. However, I also saw some banding. Depending on how demanding you are, you may or may not consider the quality suitable for output going to important clients or customers.

Photo output was unusually poor for an inkjet. I'd peg the quality at slightly below the worst you'd expect from drugstore prints. The primary issue in our tests was oversaturated colors that in some cases were obviously unrealistic and in other cases left the impression of an overall tint to the photo.

If you want a printer strictly for office use, this shouldn't matter, but it may be an issue if you want the printer for a dual role in both home and home office. One other point that demands mention is the low claimed cost per page, at 1. This is well below the typical cost per page for printers in this price range, and it promises to make the MFC-JDW a bargain no matter how little or how much you print. I'd like the printer better if had it had two paper trays, even with the same total input capacity.

If the power cord is not connected plug the cord directly into a known working outlet -ii. If the power cord is connected to a surge protector or power switch, remove the cord from that device and connect it directly to the outlet -iii.

If the display is still blank verify the machine is powered ON. For touchscreen models, skip this step. If there is still no dial tone, remove the telephone line cord from the wall jack socket and connect a known working extension phone with a known working telephone line cord to the same wall jack socket.

Lift the handset of the telephone and listen for a dial tone. If the telephone does not have dial tone, the issue is related to the phone line or wall jack socket. Contact the local telephone company for assistance. If you do not hear a dial tone your machine may require service.

If you are using a DSL line, follow the steps listed below. Turn off the DSL modem or disconnect its power supply.

brother mfc j5910dw review uk dating

Disconnect the DSL modem from the telephone line filter. Remove the filter from the wall jack socket. Connect the Fax machine to the wall jack socket.

Test by sending a fax. If the fax is sent successfully you'll need to contact your DSL provider for assistance in resolving the interference from the DSL system. If the problem continues continue to STEP 7. If you are unable to perform the troubleshooting steps listed below, please contact your DSL provider for assistance.

If you are using Voice Over Internet Protocol VoIPa technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular or analog phone line, review the information listed below. Indeed the printer prints, but not always, Sometimes the print queue shows it has got stuck so I have to delete and do it again. I am delighted that such a reasonable printer works on A3 paper as I have an occasional need to print larger charts.

I have not got the scanner to work at all yet, but I need to try it again. All the configuration steps went OK but it would not feed the paper through and scan it.

I have not tried FAX yet, this is a nearly out-of-date technology.

brother mfc j5910dw review uk dating

The scanner is great and I love the Paperport programme, it makes placing a missed piece of paper in amongst a scanned stack so easy.

A very versatile printer at a very good price.

Brother UK - A4 All-in-one Inkjet Printer MFC J5330DW

What's not to love? Got plans with exisiting titleblocks? Forget it - they'll be cropped and useless. OK it'll do A4 duplex fine, then either do A3 well too, or don't bother. The label on the machine says "Professional Series" - who are Brother kidding??? I was not sure if I should choose something that is doubtedly cheap and secondly as far as I know Brother do not make architectural plotters.

However, it turned out to be a very good printer and did not let me down on its quality and printing speed. In overall, you will get definitely more than what you pay for. Together they were costing me a fortune in ink. I didn't think I'd get the combined features of both in one machine but this brother machine has it all, fax, scan, copy, photo, plus right up to A3.

Brother MFC-JDW First Looks - Review - PCMag UK

And the print price per page is exceptionally good to boot. Really pleased with it after a month of heavy usage. One tip, in the first few minutes of use it sends you to a website to register your product for warranty purposes and needs the Serial Number.

This is written on the back of the machine so I suggest you write it down BEFORE you connect cables, sit it on a pedestal and push it neatly back against the wall, like I did: A3 printing was the main thing that caught my attention but it also had a full fax in addition to the network printing and scanning that the old printer did.

The first day I had the printer I took some photos in the snow, and just thought I would try printing them on A3.

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The prints had great contrast and rich colour and there was no streaking. The A3 print is now mounted and framed in our drawing room, and everyone is talking about it. It is economical with the ink. I haven't yet had to replace the ink that came with it, but buying a spare set of cartridges was a lot cheaper than my old printer. Very easy to install with clear instructions. I haven't set up faxing, as let's face it, who faxes these days?!

Scanning and printing work a treat.

brother mfc j5910dw review uk dating

Great being able to duplex with manual intervention like I had to with my previous printer. The wireless set up was easy and I even have it on 'Google Cloud' - so I can print just about anything from just about anywhere!

It is my first Brother printer and I have been very favourably impressed. Easy to set up and use. It is faster than my previous printer and doesn't appear to suffer from the infuriating software problems that printer had.

Nice touch screen controls. The print quality is good, but probably not as good as some I have used.