Short hairstyles for long faces asian dating

short hairstyles for long faces asian dating

Having a round face doesn't have to be hard work when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. You're not alone if you're still searching for the perfect. There really is no one “perfect” hairstyle for a round-shaped face; many things factor into the total equation. For example, the length of your hair. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, entering into a new decade Show off your gorgeous face with a half-up, half-down style on a.

Bangs are a big change that will be easy to transition. The long layers make it easy to style and go well with any type of hair. This is a haircut with light graduation and soft layers created with razor texture and side-swept bangs. What I like the most about this cut is the practicality. Short haircuts like this are easy and a modern look to style. Someone with a long face shape can wear this cut and style due to the disconnected tips that give softness and lightness to the face.

We used Revlon Equave on the hair before drying. After the hair was dry, the hair was styled with a Babyliss iron and a mattifying powder called Dust It Flex by Osis. This is a long layered cut with a textured fringe. My favorite thing about this look is the bangs. We wanted to change up the look without losing any length. My advice would be to really consider the commitment you want to make when cutting a fringe or bang.

They can be a great way to change the entire look of a haircut without making major changes to the length. I always ask my guests if they just want to go on a date, or jump in and get married…to the bangs, of course!

short hairstyles for long faces asian dating

That always helps me gauge how committed they are willing to be to a new look, or if they just want a temporary change and nothing they have to maintain. You want to keep them from hating you for talking them into a drastic change when really they just needed a soft, side-wept fringe to feel like their long hair got a new update.

A thorough consultation is very important when making this decision. I also like to recommend a statement fringe for my guests that wear their hair up a lot as it gives a completely different look to your average ponytail. If a guest has never worn a bang before, I will ALWAYS pull the hair forward to see if there are any cowlicks that will affect the way the hair will fall.

short hairstyles for long faces asian dating

I will check with the hair both wet and dry before making any decisions. You want to be very clear to your guest that bangs require a lot more maintenance and that their hair and face shape may not be ideal for this look. Any guest with a narrow forehead should be very careful about wearing too heavy of a fringe as it can have the tendency to really close in their face.

A guest with a taller forehead is going to love the way the bangs give great balance to their long face shape and bring a lot of attention their eyes. Having the front longer makes this look universally flattering. Keep in mind that you must stay on top of your trims even if you decide to grow your hair out in order to keep the shape and movement.

Igk Broken Dreams texture paste is an awesome styling product for this look. This look is a stacked and angled edgy bob with a lot of texture and movement. The color is a cool platinum blonde with heavy pieces of purple throughout. My advice for rocking this look is that you must be a cooler-toned person for this color. I love Kerastase Ciment Thermique because it literally fills in any weak spots of the hair to prevent splitting or breaking in the future. This client should be getting a root touch up every four weeks with a haircut every other appointment, so this is a fairly high maintenance look.

This look will flatter someone with a round face because it has some height and draws the eye upwards. The stack and angle in the back also give the illusion of a tighter jawline from the profile.

17 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces

Henry in Portland, ME How would you describe this look? This is a variation of pixie haircut. It is tapered tightly it in the back to give it a strong head shape. We left some length on top for movement and softness. We then added Tecni Arts Lumi Controle to the ends for separation and shine.

This look would work well for anyone who wants to put little effort into styling daily but is able to get trims regularly. This is a heavy fringe pixie with a hidden undercut. The back is blended to keep a feminine and more classic look. We wanted to create a short look for her that would work with those limitations.

It also allowed me to get short around her ear without her hair sticking straight out! We decided to keep the top of her hair and fringe a little heavy and forward to create length on her forehead.

We made sure to add a lot of texture so there was still movement. I recommend this style to someone who wants something bold, but not too edgy. It does require more styling because all of the hair is on your face.

I styled my client by blow drying her first with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray for texture and grit, and finished with a wax pomade to piece out those bangs! I believe anyone can wear this hairstyle as it is very fun and flattering. My advice to anyone who is asking their hairstylist for this look is to make sure you are working with someone who knows short hair.

short hairstyles for long faces asian dating

Not every stylist is comfortable with it, and this look specifically requires someone who is paying a lot of attention to detail and texture. This look is a versatile textured pixie. My favorite thing about the look is the disconnection at the mastoid process. I created a lot of internal movement so that the hair can be worn multiple ways.

Even though it is a short haircut, it still maintains a feminine edge, which I also love! The first question I ask anyone going shorter is how committed they are.

As you can see on my client in the photo, she has a beautiful smile that I wanted to make the focal point. We brought it in tight on the sides with a 3 guard and did a U-shape disconnect at the mastoid process, leaving the length longer toward the front and a ton of texture! I would describe this look as a chin-length, textured bob with a slight angle. I love the way the strategic texturing gives the illusion of stacking despite the minimal layering. I feel that the soft, textured look rather than harsh angles is what makes this cut fun and modern.

I would strongly consider face shape for someone who is wanting this look.

17 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces in

For example, someone with a long face may want some fringe or framing around the cheekbone and down to soften the face.

Someone with a round face may want to keep the length below the chin to elongate the face. The texture of the hair would be another thing to consider. A razor cut would be a great option for someone with fine, straight hair that wants this look.

My client pictured has medium coarseness with some wave, so I like to just use my shears and point cut, as well as slide cut down internal sections to manually take weight out. I find this method is the best for avoiding fuzzy looking ends on curly or coarse hair.

short hairstyles for long faces asian dating

One thing I love about this look is the versatility. You can wear it messy with undone waves, or blow dry with a round brush for a more polished look. This bold asymmetrical bob is a statement cut with a flirty finish. That statement is really my favorite thing about it!

33 Incredibly Flattering Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

This style is better on straight to wavy hair. You can sass it up by creating subtle waves on the heavy side with a flat iron or a 1-inch curling iron in big vertical sections. I love to finish with a texture spray like Matrix Texture Builder. I would describe this as a unicorn lob. The sleek angled cut gives you a sense of sophistication, while the color adds the perfect pop of personality.

short hairstyles for long faces asian dating

Early on in cosmetology school, I was taught that when performing a consultation you should ask your client if they want their hair to whisper, talk, or shout. This style definitely raises its voice enough to be just below a shout! I love this look for its versatility.

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