When does monica and chandler start dating

Friends: 20 Things About Chandler And Monica’s Relationship That Make No Sense

when does monica and chandler start dating

They slept together in the finale of season 4, and started dating in season 5. Here's more: At the end of season 4 Monica began an affair with. Rachel bizarrely does not see the multiple similarities between Ross and Russ, After a rocky start, the two end up kissing on Monica and Chandler's balcony in When Joey starts to date a girl named Charlie, Rachel starts to get jealous in. Jun 14, Do you think that it was right at the beginning of the show or later on in the series ? Is it true or is it false that Chandler and Monica start dating in.

True False If you're a true Friends fan, then all you have to do is hear the name "Janice" and you want to run far, far away or hide under your covers. She was seriously that annoying but she was annoying on purpose Janice was known for her high-pitched, squeaky voice and her seriously strange laugh. Chandler dated her for quite a while. But is it true that Chandler was married to Janice before he started dating Monica?

Question 11 They started dating in season five. Did things start happening between them in the first season when Rachel was introduced to the friend group and became a part of everything?

Was it in the second season when the drama and humor really got underway? What about the third? Is it true that these two characters started officially dating in season five, or do you think that it was much later than that? Question 12 They got married in Vegas.

True False It's no secret that Vegas is a pretty popular place to get married. Some couples want to elope and so they figure that they may as well travel to Vegas and get the whole thing over with.


They just don't want the mess and fuss of a big wedding Sometimes, getting married in Vegas can even seem kind of romantic. Is it true that these two characters got married in Vegas? Question 13 They never moved in together before getting married. True False One of the most beloved things about Friends is the fact that Rachel and Monica are roommates Yeah, it's probably the latter.

The story goes that Monica is renting the place from a relative so that's why they can afford such a massive place, but hey, that's television for you.

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Is it true that Monica and Chandler never ended up moving in together before they got married? Question 14 The two finally tied the knot in season 7. True False After so much build-up, it was amazing when you finally got to watch Monica and Chandler get married.

You might have not even believed your eyes because the whole thing felt kind of surreal. They had been through so much before getting to that point and you just knew that they would be in it for the long haul. Talk about a totally perfect couple. Is it true that the two finally got married in season 7, or was it earlier than that?

Question 15 Monica was pregnant on their wedding day. True False Sometimes brides are pregnant on their wedding day, whether they let others know or not.

Maybe it's super new and so they aren't showing yet, so no one has to know, and it's not really anyone's business anyway. When it comes to Chandler and Monica, everything about their relationship is totally your business since they are characters on a sitcom and you are a nosy and loyal TV fan. That's just the way that it goes.

Is it true that Monica was pregnant on her wedding day? True False There are so many different kinds of friendships that you can have. You can stay friends with the same people since high school or even elementary school. Sometimes the best friendships are forged in college or university, so you might still hang out with your old roommate on a regular basis, and you both love the inside jokes and the nostalgia that you share.

Other times, you make friends as an adult and that works well, too. Is it true that Chandler and Monica only met when they were both living in New York? Question 17 Monica liked Chandler when they were teenagers. True False It's been well-documented that back when the group were in high school, Ross had a major crush on Rachel.

And we mean Major. He could barely talk when she was in the same room as him, and he still gets embarrassed when he thinks back to those adolescent days. So what about Chandler and Monica? Did the same thing happen to them? When they were teenagers, did Monica have a crush on Chandler, or is that totally and completely false? Question 18 When they met for the very first time, it was Christmas of True False Monica and Chandler didn't meet for the first time when they were adults or so-called adults, as the show often suggests in New York City.

They actually knew each other for a while before that, just like Ross and Rachel knew each other back in high school. So how and when did the future soulmates and lovebirds meet? Is it true or false that when Monica and Chandler met for the very first time, it was Christmas of ? Question 19 Before they actually started dating, Chandler suggested they get married as a back-up plan in the future.

True False Sometimes friends have a marriage pact or whatever you want to call it.

when does monica and chandler start dating

It makes sense, right? If you've been single for a while and right now your dating life isn't exactly the most fun thing ever, it's only logical that you would want to make sure that in the future, you're going to be happy and you're going to be with someone. Is it true or false that before they stared dating, Chandler suggested that he and Monica get married as a back-up plan in the future? Question 20 Chandler moved on from his commitment phobia as soon as they started dating.

True False It's no secret that Chandler was pretty horrified at the idea of settling down. He didn't want to be tied down to one woman for his entire life, which is what a lot of guys think When he and Monica started dating, you were honestly thrilled with how cute and sweet they seemed together.

when does monica and chandler start dating

But is it true or false that this relationship cured Chandler of his commitment phobia? Question 21 Moving in together went smoothly for them at first.

True False When Monica and Chandler decided to move in together, it was a big step in their relationship. You know that if you're getting to the stage where you're going to be living with someone, then things are pretty serious and you are basically going to be with them forever.

Well, unless something goes horribly wrong and they mess up, but that's another story. When Monica and Chandler shacked up, how did things go? Is it true or false that this whole experience went smoothly for them at first? Question 22 True False When a couple gets serious, there's always the question of timelines and expectations. Do they move in together? Do they get engaged and then married? Do they want kids or are they going to just be the two of them?

There's nothing wrong with any of these choices, of course. You just have to do what feels right for you and ignore society's expectations and what any nosy relatives say about the whole thing.

Is it true that Monica and Chandler never had children? Question 23 True False Sometimes couples on a television show will end up having triplets and it's done for pure comic relief, since it's usually the characters that you would never, ever imagine having that many children. That happened with Charlotte and Cooper on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, for example, and it has happened on other shows as well. When Monica and Chandler had kids, was it the exact same hilarious and amazing story?

Did the lovely couple end up having triplets? Question 24 Monica got pregnant as soon as they were married. True False There are so many ways to start a family. Some couples get married because they are already pregnant. Others don't tie the knot at all but live as common law couples and are totally happy about it. Other couples walk down the aisle and start trying for a baby pretty much immediately.

There's no right or wrong answer here, of course. It's between you and your new husband or wife. Is it true that Monica got pregnant as soon as she and Chandler were married? Question 25 Before the wedding, Chandler learned that Monica was going to hook up with Joey. People argue that the bond of friendship makes for a better long-term relationship.

You might agree or you might not, since matters of the heart are totally subjective and everyone has to make the choices that feel right for them. Sometimes, friends hook up or almost hook up and it actually doesn't mean that they are headed for a serious romance. Is it true that before the wedding, Chandler learned that Monica was going to hook up with Joey?

Question 26 Joey almost wasn't allowed to be part of the wedding. True False Chandler was pretty angry at Joey once he learned that Monica was probably going to hook up with Joey. Sure, this happened before the two of them got together.

You might think that this was no big deal It's pretty subjective and there's no right or wrong way to feel here. Is it true or false that Joey almost wasn't allowed to be part of the Chandler and Monica wedding?

Question 27 In season 9, their relationship became long-distance. True False For some couples, having to be apart for a little while can be a serious test of patience and loyalty. Monica and Chandler's relationship was so much better than Ross and Rachel's.

It was smart to be cautious about their relationship. However, it's crazy to think there was ever a question mark once that hookup happened. The other women talked Monica into putting her name on the registry, just in case. Chandler overheard and promptly freaked out. Monica assured him that she didn't think they'd be getting married. Then, viewers found out that he had planned to propose and keep the venue.

After they got engaged, Monica took out the wedding binder from her childhood. In fact, it looked like they got married in a hotel. However, gradually, the others found out. Once everyone knew, their friends started talking about their future.

What would they get them for wedding gifts? Who would be their babies' godparents? Chandler promptly began panicking, and he and Monica fought about it. As she pointed out, she never said that she wanted those things in their relationship right away. Chandler then turned to Ross and Joey for advice, which led to him proposing.

Yet, the show had it go far enough that Chandler actually proposed — and told Monica that he was doing so because he was sorry. However, they slipped up early on. Chandler was heading off to work, and he kissed Monica goodbye.

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She kissed him back and didn't seem surprised by it. Yet, when they realized that others were present, they pretended that it was some European thing that Chandler had picked up in London. The others bought it, even after they walked in on Monica and Chandler kissing alone in her apartment. Plus, Monica didn't even care that Chandler kissed Phoebe and Rachel each time the others saw them. Even Monica didn't know until after he quit, in season 9, four years after they got together.

They'd been together two years by that point, living together for a year and friends for much longer. It was one thing for the others not to know, but to have Monica act like she thought he'd had glasses this entire time? It just didn't make sense. She was sad after someone mistook her for Ross' mother. Also, her brother was getting married and she didn't have any prospects. After the two spent the night together, they said it would only happen in London. It wasn't until after their engagement that the truth about London came out.

Chandler was hurt, and he walked out of their apartment.

What season does Monica and Chandler start dating?

He then spoke with Joey and agreed to let him officiate their wedding. However, Monica and Chandler talked off-screen. He then tried to break into it and soon discovered that it was a complete mess. He'd been friends with Monica and had even lived next door for years before that. Rachel also lived with Monica in the apartment for multiple years. Someone should have known about it before this point - or Chandler should have at least asked about it.

It would have at least made some sense if he'd discovered it while he was moving in, two years earlier.