Universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

Can Rejection Be Your Protection? Yes! | HuffPost Life

universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

Rejection can be felt as if it were a physical pain. significantly when he had sexual conquest on his mind as a goal of the relationship. Rejection is painful; the part of the brain that reacts to physical pain is the same Ghosting – verb – “the practice of ending a personal relationship with universal truths about what rejection does to our emotional systems. Date, fall in love, or otherwise put yourself out there in this crazy world despite a few relationships that went on for too long (unavoidable), remained one chill little pill when it comes to love. and universal: self-perception, the influence of family history, choice, . But that's exactly how I know it's the truth.

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  • Can Rejection Be Your Protection? Yes!
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Because most of the time when we like someone, we go through the mental torture of wishing and hoping and wondering if they like us too.

The more I think about it, the more I want to live my romantic life the way I live all other parts of my life — direct and straightforward. The truth is I have recently become extremely tired of these silly games that people play when they are interested in others romantically. The whole thing actually bores me half-way to death and I really wish we could all make a universal pact to stop it.

But alas, the only person I can really change is myself. Being direct and honest with people about liking them will almost always bring out that fear of being rejected, as it should.

Why Being Directly Rejected Is A Good Thing | Thought Catalog

And rejection can make you feel temporarily insecure and filled with self-doubt — that is a reality. But the alternative is being stuck in a mental purgatory over whether someone likes you back or not. And one great thing rejection ought to teach you is to be kind but honest with people who you may not be interested in.

universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

And to be mindful of not putting them through any mental purgatory either. Still, the greatest thing about rejection is that once you know, you know.

Hopefully, without any bitterness in your heart. Because you might run into someone who likes peaches one day.

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And it would really, really, suck if you lost out because you had become a bitter peach. The wound can lay under the surface of your dating life — wreaking havoc without your awareness. It can create physical pain, angry and aggressive urges, harm to self or others, and damage to our feeling of belongingness.

Again, everyone is unique in this process, however, we all are human, and there are certain universal truths about what rejection does to our emotional systems. Read the list below and find the ones that resonate. Surround yourself with a positive support system.

Rejection is a rupture in human connection, what a better time then to add positive emotional support from others.

Thinking clearly can be difficult in the wake of a rejection.

Men! Why Getting Rejected is a Good Thing!

A study found that merely being asked about a rejection significantly affected the score on tests of IQ, memory, reasoning, and decision making. The problem with this is that we tend to over-personalize or over-generalize the rejection, creating a self-critical lens. Then, next to each statement write a counterargument.

universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

Have these handy for when they pop up in your mind so you can immediately argue against the postulation. Remind yourself of your worth and positive qualities. This can be difficult for most people, but reminding yourself of your positive qualities can help balance any self-critical thoughts.

Whether its upping your time at the gym or reading articles by Adam Lencioni, being proactive in working on yourself has been shown to be one of the best things to do after a rejection. This is not about making up for a lack of self-worth, but to boost a general sense of confidence moving forward. The feelings we get from unrequited love is extremely normal. Use Your Own Experiences. Think back on how you were able to heal and move on.

Let Yourself Grieve Without Judgment. Grief is one of our hard-wired, core emotions.