Tommen and myrcella dating quotes

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tommen and myrcella dating quotes

She is the mother of Prince Joffrey, Princess Myrcella, and Prince Tommen of House 4 Quotes by Cersei; 5 Quotes about Cersei; 6 Family; 7 Behind the Scenes . deteriorated, and Cersei resumed her incestuous relationship with Jaime. Myrcella's brother, Tommen, is currently on the Iron Throne, but something tells me he'll meet his own fateful end soon enough, as well. But what about the actors behind Myrcella and Tommen? It seems like Nell Tiger Free and Dean-Charles Chapman might be dating in real life, which. (A follow up/side piece to this quote; Myrcella is back in King's Landing, at a family Tommen: So, how are things with you and Arya? Myrcella: I'm dating Arya.

She is upset after Bronn is forced to knock her betrothed unconscious, and struggles against Jaime's advances to leave with him. The Sand Snakes, on Ellaria's orders, make a sudden ambush in order to kidnap Myrcella. Myrcella visits Jaime in custody. Jaime tells her that the situation has grown dangerous and he needs to take her home, back to King's Landing.

Myrcella, failing to understand after almost being kidnapped by the same girls she believed were her friends, states that Dorne is her home now, and she will stay and marry Trystane before leaving Jaime alone.

Myrcella is then seen seated next to Trystane at the meeting between the Martells and Jaime. When her 'uncle' remarks that she must be cold in her dress, implying he doesn't approve of the more revealing style of Dornish clothing, Myrcella coolly replies that she is not and that the warmer climate agrees with her, thereby upholding and reasserting her commitment to Dorne and her new life and also demonstrating how much she has flourished there.

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When Jaime states that her brother Tommen wishes her to return to King's Landing, she is both nonplussed and bothered, but she is palliated when Doran calls for her engagement to his son to continue and that he join her in the capital, a request Jaime agrees to.

When Ellaria later visits Jaime she reveals that she knows Myrcella is his daughter, born of incest with Cersei. Ellaria admits that she is aware of Myrcella's innocence and that she is not affiliated with Oberyn's murder in an apologetic manner, though Jaime is not entirely convinced.

Myrcella collapses and dies in her father Jaime's arms.

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Ellaria, taking her vengeance, kisses her after coating a fatal poison on her lips, thus sealing the young girl's fate. On board the boat, Myrcella reveals to Jaime that she has always known of his and Cersei's incestuous relationship, and that he is her true father.

The two of them share a tender moment, before the effects of the poison become apparent. Jaime holds Myrcella as she falls, blood running from her nose.

Season 6 Jaime and Tommen view Myrcella's remains. Myrcella's body is returned to King's Landing with Jaime. Cersei waits at the port and immediately realizes from Jaime's sullen expression that they were too late to save Myrcella from the Martells.

Jaime and Cersei are aware that Doran Martell had nothing to do with the murder, correctly guessing Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes were the ones behind it.

tommen and myrcella dating quotes

Myrcella's body is garbed in a golden gown, confirming the prophecy that Cersei's children would all have gold burial shrouds. Myrcella's body is presumably destroyed when her mother has the Great Sept destroyed with wildfire.

While Joffrey is a villainous psychopath, Myrcella, as well as Tommen, is a kind and caring individual. While at Winterfell, despite not known Bran Stark all that well, she expresses concern for his well-being and is visibly happy to hear that he will live a possibility is that she had a crush on Bran which went no further after the Lannisters returned to King's Landing.

After the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings, Myrcella continues to be kind to Sansa Stark, despite her older brother Robb being the Lannisters' primary enemy at the time. Having grown a little older, Myrcella appears to be looking forward to Sansa and Joffrey's wedding, partly due to the dress she will be wearing, though she makes a point to mention the nicer dress Sansa will wear as the bride.

Her relationship with Joffrey is not elaborated on much, but Myrcella is shown to love her family to the point that she cries while leaving for Dorne, despite the intention to keep her safe from Stannis Baratheon.

During her years in Dorne, Myrcella matures greatly and learns to become somewhat independent of her family, after falling in love with Trystane Martell and looking up to Doran Martell as a surrogate father. When Jaime Lannister arrives in Dorne to rescue her from Ellaria Sand, Myrcella appears more surprised than happy to see her "uncle", and refuses more than once to return to King's Landing with him.

It is only when Trystane is ordered to accompany her that she agrees, given her love for her betrothed. Her relationship with Robert Baratheon, her legal father, seems to have been somewhat distant, as with Joffrey and Tommen, since when Myrcella tells Jaime that she knows he is her real father, despite the taboo against incest, she expresses happiness, implying that she held a lot more respect for Jaime than she did for Robert. However, one of her greatest flaws is her naivete. After Oberyn Martell is killed, more than one threat is made towards Myrcella, the first being the theft of her necklace, which she simply assumes was stolen from her room instead of suspecting Ellaria.

Even after the Sand Snakes attempt to kidnap her from the Water Gardens and Ellaria shows obvious anger when Doran arranges for her to return to King's Landing, Myrcella's innocence gets the better of her one last time and she foolishly allows Ellaria to kiss her on the lips and poison her, very easily falling for Ellaria's apology despite her so openly having threatened her life numerous times.

About you and mother. Tension in the Riverlands: As to whether they planned it out right from the start… I seriously doubt it. I think, as they have stated before, they were hoping to get to the Red Wedding.

When they did and knocked it out of the parkthen they started sweating. The fact that last season was as compelling as it was is a minor miracle; they have magnetic performances by Maisie, Rory, and Pedro to thank for that. I mean, unless they are better writers than GRRM. As far as casting and recasting…. Extras are extras and are often grabbed at the last moment. Same with Tommen, who, as we knew, was not cast with an actor in season one.

I have a harder time coming to grips with Myrcella being replaced, because a I know the girl and know she can act, and b we have over the years developed a personal relationship with both her and her family, and you never want to see a friend get screwed over. Time will tell if the money was better spent on a young Brit with buzz, like Nell Free. She had better knock it out of the park.

Marc, to answer your questions directly, I think the recasting in particular is more a fault of logistics, if anything: However, for something so large and meticulously planned, perhaps more should be expected of HBO and the series. But looking at the commentary of fans, I have seen several items of discussion that your prompt touches on.

The readers of Watchers on the Wall and online communities may pay special note to these things, but casual fans may not care, or even notice. So a question I would posit is if people think the show caters at all to the book series or the hardcore GOT fanbase, or if the focus of the show is to appeal to as great an audience as possible.

Axey makes some great points in his response, and I pretty much agree with him across the board.

tommen and myrcella dating quotes

I know that this past season and even the news of the next has been particularly disappointing for me, but I suppose, to answer your question, the best way for me to look at it all is to know that Game of Thrones and Song of Ice and Fire are siblings, not twins. And if they did add everything we wanted them to, what would the books mean anymore? They would just be the script to the show, really.

There is a lot expected of them, and they are making drastic choices, especially when they are now advancing towards the most current book, where the sullied are nearly unsullied. And in regards to Bran, it does worry me that his storyline will be drifting away this season.

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It does feel as if the first two seasons are different shows from the past two. Again, the readers are on the edge of unsullied here, and, in my opinion, I would rather read from GRRM what is to happen next with Bran in the books before they do it in the show.

I would be sorely disappointed if it were to happen the other way around, but they have a show to make and limited time.