Single and dating blog titles

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single and dating blog titles

Deciding on a name is an important first step while starting a blog. Plus, you'll also get some pointers on how to go about choosing that one perfect blog name. Let's start by discussing two distinct types of blog names: keyword based . Keep track of the date on which a particular domain name expires. A list of the top blogs in the Dating category based on 20+ different factors including RSS Blog Title, RSS, Site Score, Badge 7th, Single Mom Seeking. These best dating blog names from existing bloggers highlight the many attributes of the new dating landscape and what it is like to be single or.

But take care that it is backed by top quality relevant content, quality referrals and social media mentions. Avoid strange sounding names that people are likely to spell incorrectly. You first add in your keyword s of choice. It can be something common, related to your business, or it can be a sequence of two or three words.

single and dating blog titles

The first category includes top domains like. The results marked in green that also have a price attached will take you directly to a domain vendor where you can purchase your new domain. Fill in a primary description and an optional secondary description.

9 Blog Name Generators - How to Find a Name for Your WordPress Blog

Then specify if you need hyphens and rhyme. Once you find the name you want, add it to cart.

single and dating blog titles

You can also save the name for later domain registration. Add any other domain name that you already own to the cart. Subsequently, you can check out the domain names from the cart page, purchase and protect them. When you create an account with Nameboy, you can manage all the domain names you own from that account, wherever the names are registered.

Type in your keyword, select the quality level, and the language you want. You can choose more than one language. Specify the location of the keywords in the name. Wordoid will come up with a number of options and their availability for registration. Wordoid is free to use. You can sign in using Facebook or Google. To help you widen your search, it also makes alternate suggestions derived from the words you keyed in and related terms.

You can also check app name availability and domain name availability, including country based domains. More domain tools There are many more blog name generators available.

single and dating blog titles

Keep track of the date on which a particular domain name expires and access a list of domain names coming up for sale.

As unavailable names are rooted out with repeated searches, accuracy is expected to improve. There you have it — almost ten tools to play around with. The most thorough way to start your search would be to try out at least five of these tools. Write down the names you like and compile a list of new names you consider fit. Then narrow them down to five and show them to the people you trust.

See which one turns out to be the most appealing. However, if you trust your gut, the easy way out is to jump into Domain Wheel and pick an available domain that sounds right for you.

What if none of those tools helped, and you are still looking at other ways to come up with a blog name? Use a word generator.

33 Best Dating Blog Names -

Before you go on a name picking frenzy, first things first. Here are few guidelines on what to avoid. Same goes for blogs with relationship statuses attached to it. The Single Traveler might be a catchy name, but what happens if you meet someone on the road?

single and dating blog titles

After successfully growing his brand, he realized that due to his name and the blog angle that he took he was documenting himself partying around the worldbig brands were refusing to work with him. He then had to make the hard decision of scrapping his website, turning it into a community blog and creating a new one from scratch. You can still write about being thrifty or budget travel, just avoid locking yourself into that niche forever.

Understanding how you want to position yourself and your brand is key to choosing a good travel blog name. Avoid Cliches and Duplicate Travel Blog Names To date, there are already too many blogs which have the word nomadic, adventurous, wandering, backpacker, etc. Blogs such as Nomadic Matt, Nomadic Samuel, Wandering Earl, and Adventurous Kate have all been around for a really long time so their blogs rank really well.

single and dating blog titles

Choosing travel blog names with similar keywords mean that you are positioning yourself in direct competition with the big boys. Set yourself apart by avoiding duplicate travel blog names and avoiding the usual name cliches. Avoid Names with Punctuation Marks, Numbers, or Misspellings I once went to a branding seminar which said when choosing what to name your brand, business, or blog, you have to do the mom test.

This is when you call up your mom and say: Let me get a piece of paper to write it down.

Top 100 Dating Blogs & Websites To Follow for Dating Advice in 2019

Remember, apart from finding your writing online, a lot of new followers will come from the people you meet while you travel. Not a big deal but definitely annoying when trying to get people to follow you.

Another tip is not to choose a name that is too long for social media. Twitter has a maximum of 14 characters so keeping it to that character count is ideal.