Shes dating the gangster kenji lines and angles

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shes dating the gangster kenji lines and angles

“She's Dating the Gangster” is based on the best-selling book by The second storyline can be summed up as the story of Kelay (Kathryn Bernardo) looking for Kenji de los Reyes, The 90s story line were represented with more colorful and loud as This angle provided the dramatic moments of the film. NO he's not a criminal, a mobster, a hoodlum or a thug. Magkamukha si Kenji at si Tae Sung.. hinde naman sobra pero may angle lang.. tapos magkaugali, minsan mabait Last line na narinig ko kay Athena na tungkol kay Kenji. Read She's Dating The Gangster () from the story Tag Lines Of KathNiel by plays a trick on resident heartthrob and bad boy, Kenji delos Reyes. All of a.

Has a big resemblace with the male lead role in the Taiwanese series Meteor Garden. School famous together with Kirby and Jigs. Has been broken hearted with another Athena - Athena Abigail but has found his one true love in another Athena.

Half Filipino and half Korean too. Lucas Lazaro - I cannot put him into the antagonist side because of the reasons that he did much good things in the story pretty much good things. Yes he smokes but the gum thing advise did good though. Selfless yan lang masasabi ko and mapagkakatiwalaan.

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Athena Abigail Tizon - the good girl gone bad as tagged by another Athena. Might seem desperate for love affection in the story but I want sana her POV point of viewher side might have been interesting too. Funny and has the same personality as Athena. If there is someone who knows Athena all in all, she would be the best answer. Grace Matic - typical school girl and school organization officer. Their love story might be short but this girl has enough ways to showcase her love to Nathan.

10 Moments From The Book We Need To See In She's Dating The Gangster Movie

Nathan Dizon - or SangMin in Korean. Responsible and can rely on.

shes dating the gangster kenji lines and angles

Kirby Araneta - Paps. The varsity team captain of the school. School famous and also a brainy. Mapagkakatiwalaan and silent type of guy but when he met Mary, the inner child of him showed.

Gigil si Athena kay Kenji! - #StarCinema25

Loves true and sincere. Jigs Bala - the funny guy. Cute and hearthrob just as Lucas, Kenji, and Kirby. Siya yung pinaka isip bata sa kanila but when it come so Sara he became serious. Varsity player, at the same time study well. Took up BS Bio for the reason that he wants to be a doctor.

Carlo Paez - the cutie little brother of the Dizon family. They did not adapt them but he became really close to them maybe because of his smile or charisma rather.

shes dating the gangster kenji lines and angles

Mabait at mahilig mag-aral. He accompanied and helped her ate Athena everytime and always there to cheer her up. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo kasing lalim ng pinakamalalim na dagat sa buong mundo. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo kasing laki ng pinag sama samang planeta. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo mas matagal pa sa forever. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo hinde na mapapalitan ng kahit sino. Kahit ilang beses pa kitang kelangan pakasalan gagawin ko. Kahit na sa lahat ng simbahan sa buong mundo, gagawin ko.

Kahit na ipagtabuyan mo ko, kahit na mag sawa ka sakin, kahit na iwanan mo ko, ikaw at ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko. Hahanapin kita kahit san ka magpunta.

shes dating the gangster kenji lines and angles

At pag nahanap kita, hinde na kita ulit papakawalan pa. Kahit gaano kasakit, kahit gaano kahirap hinde kita iiwan.

Yung pagmamahal ko sayo, hinde na mawawala. I love you, Athena.

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I love you, I love you, I love you. Minsan lang ako nag mahal ng ganito. Ngayon lang ako nag mahal ng ganito. Wag mo naman hayaang mawala siya sakin.

Alam mo naman na mabait si Athena, di ba? Bakit siya pa yung kelangan mong pahirapan? Bakit hinde na lang ako? Eto ba parusa mo sakin? Ang masaktan ng ganito? Sana naniwala na lang ako. Lord, Wag mo muna siyang kunin… Natanong mo na ba siya kung handa na siya? Malulungkot siya paginiwan niya ko.

Hinde niya kakayanin yun. Hinde ko rin yun kakayanin. Masaya pa kami… Masayang masaya. Kakapalan ko na yung mukha ko, bigyan mo pa ko ng panahon… Para lang ihanda yung sarili ko. Yun na lang hinihiling ko. Kahit konti lang, nagmamakaawa ako sayo. Kahit konti lang talaga, please. Kahit na ilang beses mo akong saktan, ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko. I love you… Kahit na pagod na pagod na ko, ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko.

I love you… Kahit sa kabilang buhay… ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko.

shes dating the gangster kenji lines and angles

I love you… kahit na sobra sobra na yung pagmamahal ko sayo, patuloy parin yung pagmamahal ko sayo. Is it his radiant smile? Ang hirap kasi sayo ako na nga tong nasa tabi mo sa iba ka pa rin nakatingin. Hindi mo ba napapansin ha?

shes dating the gangster kenji lines and angles

He pours on the slo-mo, the pixillated action scenes, the neon lighting and the pop music one Canto pop song even becomes the source of a message from a killer to his assistant. In addition, the voiceovers become a dominant creative force: For all its youthful stylistic brashness and crisscrossing plots, though, one of the major themes of Fallen Angels is the idea of moving on, or at least trying to do so: Early in the movie, He, who has escaped from prison, is seen breaking into shops every night and running them after hours.

In his voiceover, he reasons that because the rent has already been paid, someone should still maintain these stores after hours. When he discovers that his love is unrequited, he responds by trying to settle down from his older, wilder ways and reestablish a familial emotional connection, inspired by a Japanese restaurant owner who used to be a filmmaker: Consider some of his previous film characters: Fallen Angels throws a wrench into his obsession by presenting a group of characters who, in their own ways, yearn for the opposite: One could understandably see these developments as regressions for these characters-—real fallen angels.

But I prefer to see them as Wong taking one last pained, wistful glance at his old preoccupations with free spirits and forbidden love before finally deciding to go in a different direction. Of all of his early films, Fallen Angels, for all of its high style, is arguably his most outwardly deceptive.