Robin and ted dating in real life

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robin and ted dating in real life

While telling his kids the story of How I Met Your Mother, Ted has an nine years for) so that Ted (Josh Radnor) could end up with Robin (Cobie Smulders) seriously? Teen Shows That Sparked Real Life Romances. 3. Scooter was originally named Jeff, and was shown to be dating Lily in high school. Sandy Rivers (played by Alexis Denisof) is Lily's husband in real life mostly un-likeable Gary Blauman is actually married to Robin in real life. Funnily enough, Ted's own real-life partner didn't show up in the show. However, Ted discovered her real name and tracked her down, and the two began dating. It should also be noted that Robin was once again Ted's date to the event in He tells him that although Victoria is wonderful, she is not "the life long.

A soulmate, by very definition, is someone who ideally fits and is suited to be with you, and How I Met Your Mother continually talks about destiny, and how destiny put Ted in the right place at the right time to be with Tracy.

robin and ted dating in real life

Clearly their paths were fated to cross, and the universe was constantly pushing them toward each other. Okay, so Barney is probably the most convincing character in television history. Barney and Robin were perfect for each other at the time of their engagement. They were both madly in love, and Barney was able to do something for Robin that Ted never could.

He showed her that even someone who is strictly against marriage could give in for the right person. For Barney, that person was Robin, and for Robin, it was Barney.

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And Ted did manage to forget about her, because he fell in love with the woman he was meant to be with-- Tracy. Ted needed to hear it, because the constant denial that he received eventually made him realize who his perfect woman truly was.

Though Robin developed strong feelings for Ted throughout the course of the series, unlike him, she always kept her feet firmly on the ground. Carter Bays responded with: The very basis of the show from the beginning, from the perspective of the creators, was to tell a story about moving on after loss.

While most of these nefarious plots come from Barney, Ted is not immune to pulling off a scheme.

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However, when he does it he just comes off very clingy and creepy. In an attempt to get Robin to his apartment, Ted pretends to throw a house party and invites her. However, Robin fails to show up to the party. Instead of giving up, he plans a party for the next day too so she can attend.

When she cannot make it that day, he tries to throw a third which ends up being very miserable. While Ted is sometimes seen as romantic, it is gestures like this which make him come off much creepier. The most famous example of someone he could have had a great life together with is Victoria. After dating her, he was finally happy and could see spending the rest of his life with her.

While her moving to Germany threw a monkey wrench in his plans, he made a much bigger mistake. Not only was he unfaithful to Victoria, but he lied to Robin and said that they had broken up.

robin and ted dating in real life

Ted had instantly damaged two relationships with one move. Perhaps Ted should have looked before he jumped, otherwise things would never have gotten better. Whether he is trying to make it rain or creating a "Symphony of Illumination", he is always willing to do what it takes to express his feelings. However, sometimes when he does so it pushes the boundaries. Once he has resolved the fact that Robin and Barney are getting married, he makes a big deal that he is "letting Robin go".

This means that he is publicly letting his feelings for her go so that she can move on with her life.

robin and ted dating in real life

Ted needs to realize that by this point Robin has already let him go, he just hadn't realized it yet. Robin is already dedicated to her relationship with Barney, and was not thinking about Ted.

A grand gesture was not needed and it was just a waste of time on his part.

robin and ted dating in real life

In fact, he rushes out to help her in order to gain her favor before she marries Barney. Robin is understandably committed to Barney at this point, but Ted tries to sweep in anyways.

By the end of the ordeal, it is actually Ted trying to talk her out of giving in to her doubts about Barney. Ted may be considered a great friend, but he was not looking out for his future at all. In order to help Robin, he left a very important architecture meeting behind.

5 Things From The HIMYM Finale That Were Actually True To Life

This may be very admirable, but he did it for the wrong reasons. Sometimes his romantic nature does him more harm than good. Unless it is looked at from Ted Mosby's perspective. However, even though it took two "to tango", he only directs his anger at Barney. Ted is not the least bit upset with Robin and is only upset with Barney. In fact, he even ceases speaking to Barney and tries to remove him from his life.

Considering that Robin was a willing participant in the relationship, it makes little sense that he would place the blame solely on Barney.

Isn't Robin just as much to blame for his heartbreak? While he did eventually get over his issues, it is hypocritical that he let her off the hook so easily.

Since both Ted and Robin have failed relationships, they decided to make an agreement together. They promised each other that if neither of them were married by the time they each turned 40, that they would marry each other.

While this is sometimes seen in movies and other shows, there is one big question - does it ever end well?

robin and ted dating in real life