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Part of a letter survives from Joseph Whitaker to his elder brother Joshua, who lived in Ossett and later built Croft House.

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It shows that Joseph had more humour than one might expect from his looks. In the first place, I regret to inform you that I am still kept at this place what with business and what with our interrupted intercourse with the continent owing to the cholera at Naples, while my intended better half is waiting for me in the city.

And when I shall be able to join her, I do not know. My uncle, I believe, is determined not to let me go till April, which is the more provoking as in the course of a short time, we shall absolutely have nothing in the world in the way of business to prevent my going, but as the Sicilians say - pazienza - which you will not be at any great loss to guess, means in English, patience.

The Other Marriage in the Family will take place very soon if we are to believe what we hear on the subject.

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Should my uncle ever take it into his head to take the Lady over with him to England, you would of course have an opportunity of making the acquaintance of your new Aunt, and Ossett would no doubt be graced with her Grace's presence. You could not do otherwise than have the Old House put to rights somewhat to receive such a distinguished visitor, and I will take care to inform you beforehand in order that you may have plenty of time to order furniture, etc.

And now my dear Jos, I must come to a conclusion for Ben is waiting for me to have our punch, which we take regularly almost every night - and I am besides tired of writing, not being accustomed much to it by candlelight. Pray give my best love to my mother and believe me always very truly.

The eldest, Federico was married to an heiress and had a daughter, Francesca, who was the Duchess's eventual heir. The other three were unmarried and penniless.

Ingham's relatives in Palermo disliked her because, with her own children's future in mind, she was quick to point out any shortcomings in Ingham's nephews and their families. Joseph and Sophia Whitaker, whose children were the most likely heirs were especially wary of her. The Duchess's real name was Alessandra Spadafora and she was also the owner of a long string of other titles: A little withdrawn, she had a typical southern European face, with black eyes and in her younger days, jet black hair.

Her love of rouge made her an extraordinary creature to some, but there were plenty of men who found her attractive. The Duchess had a strong will and a sharp tongue for anyone who crossed her and there were frequent tiffs with Ingham. She didn't speak any English, but Ingham had learned Italian and spoke the language fluently with a Sicilian accent tinged with a touch of Yorkshire. Previously a baron, he had bought his dukedom inat the height of the British occupation of Sicily.

It was his second marriage and he had been married previously to the sister of the Prince of Palagonia. It is likely that Alessandra had begun living with Benjamin Ingham soon after the death of her husband. It is said that she was a very highly-sexed woman and Ingham plainly adored her and there was no other woman and never would be for the rest of his long life. She died on the 18th Januarynearly five years after Ingham, aged Ingham was obviously fond of her sons, however extravagant or un-businesslike they might have been and this was an ominous situation for his potential British heirs.

The second son, Domenico had considered going to Marsala to work with Ingham's nephew Joseph Ingham to learn the wine trade. However, once he met the dour Joseph in Palermo, he soon changed his mind and clearly the two young men did not get on. Building Ingham's Fortune Ingham invested heavily in the USA, largely because he had a lot of capital as a result of selling significant quantities of marsala wine and other commodities like sulphur. The empty ships often carried back to Sicily oak staves for the manufacture of of wine barrels or gallon "pipes" at the Marsala baglio.

At the height of his career in the s and s, Ingham was an importer and exporter; he owned several ships in which he traded with England and America and provided shipping space for other mercantile houses in Sicily. In Palermo, he carried on a wholesale retail trade in a variety of products, engaged in the land mortgage business, and provided banking services.

He had a joint venture with Prince Pantelleria in Sicilian sulphur mines and his Marsala winery became the largest on the island. This coincided with the boom in American railway and canal building, but also with a period of great industrial development, especially in New England. This, naturally did not play well with Ingham and he preferred to leave his money in America. One of the members of this firm, Schuyler Livingston was to act for more than 20 years as Ingham's investment agent in the USA and as such was the real architect of his fabulous wealth.

He was another of those office-bound "desk men" and his whole life, from boyhood, was devoted to the mercantile profession. He had no ambition outside of it was said that in the 43 years since he first swept out the office as an under-clerk, that he had never been out of the city of New York more than a week at a time.

Livingston invested Ingham's money in real estate of Fifth Avenue and vast tracts of farmland in Michigan. The bigger money rolled in during the s. In the early days, Livingston wisely concentrated on making use of the canal boom, again mostly in the states of New York and Michigan.

Mary Falls Ship Canal Company. Bymost of the canals had been dug, and Livingston turned his attention to the railways. In this he had a great asset, for Livingston was a close friend of Erastus Corning, a hugely wealthy merchant from Albany, NY and for a while a senator - Corning was the President of the St Mary Falls Ship Canal Company and also the President of the Utica and Schenectady railroad, which was by far the richest and most powerful of the railroads between Albany and Buffalo in New York and in which Ingham obtained a majority holding of shares.

Not all of Ingham's investments were in America. Public Acclaim for Ingham The year was to be a landmark year for Ingham's business empire and it was announced that from the 30th Junethe firm of Ingham, Stephens would be opening a new London office. The London concern was to be run by Richard Stephens, who somehow had managed to escape from Sicily and return to London at the height of the cholera epidemic in It thus fell to Ingham's nephew, Joshua Ingham to take charge of the 'baglio' at Marsala.

Towards the end ofand to massive public acclaim, Ingham's brig the 'Elisa' had arrived back in Sicily from Sumatra laden with pepper. This was the first such cargo to arrive in Sicily direct from the East Indies. Previously, all spices had arrived via New England and then usually via London. Such was the level of excitement in Sicily that the cargo was allowed to be landed free of any duty charges, which pleased Ingham greatly.

Brig 'Elisa' in Any prejudice the Italians had against the resident English merchants as a result of the sulphur dispute was shelved for the time being.

Benjamin Ingham himself was honoured with the 'Order of St. The captain of the 'Elise' Vincenzo Di Bartolo was given the gold medal of civil merit and the second officer, Federico Montechiaro was granted the right to wear the uniform of the Royal Navy of the Bourbons.

Despite the great public acclaim in Sicily for Ingham's enterprise, in fact it was his nephew, Ben Ingham Jr.

At the time, Benjamin Ingham wrote this letter to his nephew dated 26th February I expect, however, that after consulting Captain di Bartolo, you will have determined differently at the cost of sending her back to Sicily with oak staves from Boston or from Norfolk should nothing better have been offered, for instance cotton from some port in the south for Marseilles or Trieste. The 'Elisa' had been built in Sicily, which was another source of great national pride.

Ingham was part of a consortium of rich Sicilians who bought the first steamship for Palermo. The new steamship was built in Glasgow and was, not surprisingly, named 'Palermo'. She went into regular service in When, in JuneIngham officially retired and handed over the reins of running the business to Joseph Whitaker, Ingham could afford to live almost as well as the Neapolitan Viceroy.

He had been created a baron, through his marriage to the Duchess and he was on familiar terms with the highest ranking families on the island, many of which owed him money. Ingham's Last years To most of the Inghams and Whitakers, Benjamin Ingham was regarded as a bit of a tyrant, and his temper was supposed only to be equalled by that of his paramour, the Duchess di Santa Rosalia.

It is likely that he treated his family harshly and being childless, he knew that they were after his money. He therefore indulged in a cruel game based on the contents of his Will: It was said that Ingham hated waste of any kind and he does seem to have had a parsimonious side to his character. As an example, he complained constantly in letters to Ben Ingham Jr.

Ingham hated bores, humbugs and people who procrastinated and would have had a hard time with some of the British and Sicilian bureaucrats that he came into contact with. He didn't mind rivals in business, provided he was satisfied that they were playing it straight, although he himself was not shy in offering bribes to the right people if he thought it might oil the wheels of commerce in his favour.

With simple, guileless folk, he could be extremely charming since they posed no threat. A portrait of Benjamin Ingham, date unknown, but clearly when he was into middle age.

It is said that a single glance of his portrait was enough to show that he was a man of exceptional intelligence and vigour, without a vestige of pomposity and completely sure of himself. His features were regular, his mouth and jaw firm, his eyes and hair dark. His build was heavy, his fingers thick and stub-ended. In middle age, he seems to have developed a liking for horizontally striped waistcoats. But for the clothes, his picture might be that of any modern boardroom giant the world over.

In the s, Ingham and the Duchess moved to a pleasant eighteenth century villa in the Piano Sant'Oliva overlooking what is now known as the Piazza Castelnuovo, then just outside the city walls of Palermo. There exists a letter, which describes a party that was held at the Ingham house in January written by a young English woman, Mrs Tidman, to her sister. She was the wife of the Reverend Arthur Tidman, who had come to Palermo that winter because of his health and was acting as chaplain to the Protestant community, with whom he was very popular.

Palermo 24th and 31st January My dearest Ellen, We have been rather gay this week for us.

rhythm and booze ossett dating

On Tuesday, we were at a large evening party given by Mr. He is the greatest grower of marsala wine on the island, which he asserts furnishes the greater part of the wine drunk in England as madeira. He has resided in Sicily for about forty years and by energy and capital has introduced immense improvements both in the growing and making of wine for which he has been rewarded by the the title of Cavaliere of the Order of St.

Ferdinand and another, but I forget what. He accordingly, always wears a blue and red ribband in his buttonhole. He is also a Barone of Sicily. Most of his life, he lived at Marsala [sic], and for some years he has entirely retired from active business and settled in Palermo, where he has married the widow of a certain Duke of Santa Rosalia.

In consequence of this connection, he has associated much more with Sicilians and much less with English society than any other of what we call the colony.

He treated us with great courtesy, hoped soon to see us to dinner and made an offer, which all Arthur's friends owe him great gratitude. We have been very anxious ever since we have been here to prevail on someone to read the lessons, which would be a great relief to Arthur. We have nearly once or twice prevailed upon the British Consul, but would not. Ingham with many expressions of concern for Arthur's health most kindly volunteered to undertake the office.

He was very kind in his manners and rather more scrupulously polite than is customary in England. I won't describe you the party. It was very like an English one - about eighty or ninety people, nearly half English, the rest Dukes and Princesses, Marquesses and so on, whom we thought rather better than we expected.

There was some singing and some dancing, and an excellent supper, and only one thing except the Dukes to which we are not accustomed, and no amount of custom will induce me to like - one room was set aside for cards and was full of gentlemen playing whist all the evening. The room, by the way, was the Duchess's bedroom. Altogether we spent a very pleasant evening. The Duchess cannot speak a word of English or French, but was very polite and showed us all sorts of nooks and crannies in her house.

And I was specially overawed by the magnificent array of essence bottles and all sorts of aids to attraction marshalled upon her toilet table. No cause of death is shown on his death certificate in Palermo and his death is unrecorded at Somerset House. He was at the Consul's house until 8pm the same day and was as well as usual; took his usual drive, dined at 4.

rhythm and booze ossett dating

He thought a salad he had eaten largely of did not agree with him and was taking carbonate of soda as a remedy. He died without a struggle and his funeral took place on the 7th March and was very numerously attended. For at least a decade, the old man had been keeping the family on tenterhooks about his heirs. He wasn't saying whether the money would go to the Inghams, the Whitakers or even to the Ascensos the fours sons of the Duchess di Santa Rosalia.

Ben Ingham Junior and his wife Emily were childless. Joseph Whitaker's eldest son, Benjamin Ingham Whitaker Bennyborn seemed to be the most natural candidate.

Part of the affadavit is worth quoting, to give an idea of the furore that arose: I further make oath that I have personally made enquiry of the English Consul, John Goodwin Esquire and have also made a diligent and careful search in all the places where the said deceased usually kept his papers of the moment and concern, in order to ascertain whether he had or had not left any other Will, but that I have been unable to discover any such Will.

Although Ingham's second cousin, he had made quite a mark in his native Yorkshire, but was quite unsuited to inherit such a vast and complex business empire. In the event, the eventual legal heir was Joseph Whitaker's second son William Ingham Whitaker Willieborn and only 19 years of age at the time of his great-uncle's death.

rhythm and booze ossett dating

He was a lucky boy. How much Ingham left is difficult to say. An incredible amount of money in Not that Willie Whitaker came into everything; he had to wait for others to die first, and then there were many individual legacies to be taken into account.

Joseph Whitaker and Ben Ingham Jr. The value of the railway shares in America and elsewhere had dropped by the time that Willie, over 20 years later, came fully into possession of his legacy. By inheriting Manchi e Scala, he had the right to the barony, though this was not confirmed by King Victor Emmanuel until February No provision was made in Ingham's Will for Ben Jr.

It is said that Joseph Whitaker's eldest son Benny was overruled as heir because of a talk he and Willie had been having with their great-uncle a few years previously. They had been discussing a journey, which the two boys had made.

Benny had reached the destination first because he had paid to go over a toll bridge. Willie had preferred to walk the extra three miles to avoid paying the bridge toll. Such shrewdness on the part of Willie made an immediate appeal to Ingham's parsimonious nature, and he promptly altered his Will in favour of Willie Whitaker.

Paradoxically, it was Benny who had a reputation in later life for being mean. Actually, like all the younger Whitakers, Willie turned out to have little head for business and he left Palermo in and settled at Pylewell Park in Hampshire.

Perhaps Ingham, sensing this before he died, had decided to leave his money to someone of his own name who had already proved himself a success in life?

rhythm and booze ossett dating

The Nephews who went to Sicily "Your son has died, please send me another one" - this is allegedly a quote from one of Benjamin Ingham's letters to his sister Mary Whitaker after the death of her eldest son, William who had moved to Sicily from Yorkshire to work for his uncle Benjamin.

However, this is more likely to be Whitaker family legend and not true, but it conveys a sense of the ruthlessness that Ingham exuded in his business dealings. In fact, when William Whitaker died mysteriously of fever inIngham was terribly upset and deeply moved by the loss of his nephew. Shortly after arriving in Palermo, where he was very much on approval, he was sent to Naples on the delicate task of investigating the rumours that two firms that Ingham was doing business with; Leydings and Vallin were in financial difficulties.

rhythm and booze ossett dating

During September and Octoberwhilst Whitaker was in Naples, he was bombarded by complicated letters full of instructions and even shopping lists from his Uncle Benjamin. He was expected back in Palermo by the end of October at the very latest, but William Whitaker had disappeared completely off the horizon or was simply stringing his uncle along to delay coming back. There were no replies to Ingham's letters and by November, he was furious and sent this letter to his nephew: Imagine, therefore of my surprise and disappointment at your not coming all through this week.

There have been three eligible English vessels arriving from Naples. I am frantic in consequence. Really William, such conduct can neither conciliate my affection as a relative nor inspire me with regard to your attention to business.

You ought to recollect that you are in the commencement of life and must do something to put yourself forward, for if you show no exertion, you cannot expect that my brother Joseph in Leeds will ever consent to giving you an interest in our business.

Although so much displeased with your inattention, and although my mind labours under the severest agony in consequence, I subscribe myself as usual.

Yours affectionately Benjamin Ingham December came and then finally some news from the missing William Whitaker in Naples. Leydings, by all accounts, had been giving him "trouble and vexation" so he had made the decision to ask his uncle to fire them. He told his uncle in a letter that he hadn't wanted to trouble him or cause any undue worry during the difficult dealings with Leydings.

Of course, this is what Ingham would have wanted and he soon forgave William for his lack of communication. Uncle Benjamin was never to know that the actual reason for William Whitaker's delay in returning to Palermo confided later to a younger brother was that he had fallen for the seductive charms of a married, black-eyed and raven-haired Neapolitan baronessa called Clotilde who had been keeping him warm during the chilly autumn nights in Naples.

During andWhitaker had done well at the office in Palermo and was quite highly regarded by his uncle. The letter he had written threatening William with dismissal was forgotten and the two men were getting on well and advancing the family business. Sadly, towards the end ofWilliam Whitaker contracted a mystery disease that the doctors couldn't diagnose. He suffered recurring bouts of very high fever and after making a temporary recovery, he died in Palermo on the 21st November Ingham was bereft with grief at the loss of his nephew and he wrote to several of his business contacts explaining how badly he felt about William's premature death.

Soon, another Whitaker from the same family was to follow in the steps of William and this was his younger brother Joseph Whitaker of Palermo who, in due course, was to inherit his uncle's business empire.

Joseph Whitaker - Joseph Whitaker was baptised in the church at Woodkirk, just north of Ossett on the 17th Septemberand like his elder brother William, he was the son of Joseph Whitaker and Mary Ingham, Benjamin Ingham's older sister.

Joseph went out to Sicily from Woodkirk inat the tender age of 17, shortly after his brother William's death in He was to become the most successful and most valuable of Ingham's five nephews employed in the family concern in Sicily. Joseph stayed in Palermo all of his working life and ran the office there with metronome efficiency. It was noted that he left for the office in his carriage on every day but Sunday at 7: Benjamin Ingham was able to announce to his customers and clients that he had retired from the active management of "all commercial affairs", and that his nephew Joseph Whitaker would be running the business from then on.

In reality, Benjamin Ingham's "retirement" was in name only, and like all very successful tycoons, he mastered the art of delegating work. In Joseph Whitaker, he had found a lieutenant only too prepared to beaver away at the very smallest details of the very varied business. Sophie's family came from Durham and her father was a naval captain with an exemplary war record. The Sanderson family had moved to Messina to live, it is thought for commercial reasons and partly because of the beautiful setting of the port, with the fine view of the Italian mainland three miles away across the straits.

Joseph and Sophie had twelve children, which she bore over a period of 23 years and on average, one every twenty-one months. Sophie was a quiet, acquiescent woman who was probably slightly afraid of Whitaker.

He normally stayed late at the office, which was next to the Plazzo Lampedusa, but expected his dinner to be ready the moment he returned home, and he preferred eating in total silence.

Joseph Whitaker inaged 39 years. Whitaker was the most successful of Ingham's nephews and was thought to be "of the right stuff" by his uncle Benjamin. It was said that Joseph Whitaker was so dour, with rather hooded eyes and a sardonic mouth, such that even his mighty uncle Benjamin was afraid of him! Somehow, I doubt that was true. Joseph Ingham - Joseph Ingham, the son of Benjamin Ingham's older brother also Joseph, came out to Sicily in at the age of 20 after his uncle Benjamin had returned home to Ossett and asked him to join the "concern".

Joseph was a rather gloomy individual and regarded eventually as a bit weak. After first working at the 'baglio' in Marsala, where he was too ugly to be of interest to "Old John" Woodhouse, he was sent eventually to Boston in the USA to develop trade there.

Poor Joseph was kept hard at work by his uncle Benjamin and was often the subject of severe criticism for making bad business decisions.

InIngham sent this letter to his nephew, which demonstrates the pressure he was under: The 'Nestor' arrived here on the 31st May. It is a great pity that you asked for the staves and cloths to be sent to Marsala and not to Messina. As regards the staves, I have examined them and have found them fair, but nothing equal to the lot you sent on board the 'Pembroke' and many are knotty and not fit for casks.

When we consider the high freight and duties equal almost to the first cost in Boston you will be aware that it is folly to ship to this country any other staves except those that are the very best dressed.

The fact that you chose to send them in an American brig means that the seven bales of cloth will not enjoy the ten per cent reduction on duties allowed for British and other flags.

You acted very wrongly in letting the wine on board the 'Pembroke' go in Boston at the miserable price of 80 cents a barrel and also in selling exclusively to the house of Munsen and Barnard.

Now all the other buyers will be displeased. With the market growing so quickly, he just couldn't afford to let him relax. Whilst in America, it is known that Joseph Ingham had some kind of 'deplorable accident' but the exact details are not known. A year later, he committed suicide in the City Hotel, New York on the 8th October by shooting himself.

At his inquest, it was thought that he had been suffering from depression. He was sent to the USA in after his elder brother Joseph committed suicide and remained there for nearly two years, acting as a sort of roving business ambassador for his uncle. He was very successful in business matters in America, unlike his poor brother Joseph. After his work in America, Ben became the manager at Marsala 'baglio' from the 30th June He went back to America and was there in and Ben was a genial looking person and was sturdily built.

He was described as having a "mild and conciliatory disposition". Later in life, he became slightly bald and sported a flap of hair over the top of his head.

It was thought that he would never get married, but at the age of 46 on the 29th Marchat the British Legation in Naples, he married 23 year-old Emily Bennett Hinton. Her stepfather was Mr Wood, the owner of the third largest British 'baglio' in Marsala and the family lived in the Palazzo Derix in Palermo.

Later 'Baglio Wood' was absorbed by the Ingham, Whitaker firm, probably because of this marriage. A couple of years earlier, Ben took over the Saint Oliva villa in Marsala and fromhe was the acting British Vice-Consul in Marsala, protecting the interests of the British wine merchants who were based there. Sadly, there were no children from his marriage to Emily Hinton and after his uncle's death inBen was left the Palazzo Ingham in Palermo as well as a life interest in half of his uncle Benjamin's estate.

After Ben's death inhis widow Emily re-married General Medici and sold Palazzo Ingham to the Ragusas who transformed it in into the Hotel des Palmes, which is still in business today. This may have been a legacy from his uncle Benjamin, since Ben was born in Hunslet rather than Ossett. In the event, the donation helped with the construction of Holy Trinity Church in Ossett, which was completed in Inhe and Joseph Whitaker announced their intention of erecting, at their joint expense, a church in which "Services of the Church of England could be performed for the spiritual benefit of their protestant countrymen, whether resident or visiting Palermo".

Ben Ingham donated the land in front of Palazzo Ingham to be used as the site for the new church. However, he died suddenly in Paris inbefore the work on the church started, but his widow Emily Ingham continued the good work and later, inthe foundations were laid and building commenced. All the expenses of the building of the Anglican Church in via Roma were paid for by the Ingham and Whitaker families. The chief architect was William Barber of London.

Opening just after Ben Ingham's death inthe church was incorporated into the Diocese of Gibraltar in Its Neo-Gothic grandeur, with pointed arches, stained glass, a rose window, creates a stunning effect. On the 4th OctoberBen was having lunch in the Hotel Maurice in Paris when he suddenly choked on his food and by 2pm, he was dead.

The eventual beneficiaries were the children of his sister Ann Brook, but naturally his wife Emily came in for the greater share including the Palazzo Ingham.

Emily since the death of her stepfather was also now the owner of 'Baglio Wood' in Marsala and Palazzo Derix in Palermo. Joshua was born on the 2nd December at Hunslet in Leeds, where the Ingham brothers had moved from Ossett to set up the family business. He was the last of the nephews to join the "concern" and was in Sicily by Joshua was to replace his gloomy brother Joseph Ingham who had been sent to live in Boston as trade there was developing rapidly.

Joshua spent almost all his time in Sicily at Marsala, where he successfully ran the winery. His uncle Benjamin was deeply upset by the loss of his "dear and ever to be lamented nephew", but Joshua's parents back in Ossett must have been even more upset after losing two of their sons in the employment of Benjamin Ingham.

To make matters worse, Joshua Ingham died intestate. This caused complications since two of the "Concern's" wineries at Campobello and Mazara were in his name, and according to Sicilian law, the estate had to be divided equally between brothers, sisters and parents.

How Benjamin Ingham managed to get around this not insignificant problem is not recorded. She wrote him off as too persistent, too formal, and even too old. Eventually, she allowed another female friend of hers rhythm and booze ossett dating talk her into accepting a date with the man. Despite her initial resistance, she couldn t deny that her friend rhythm and booze ossett dating right. The man made her laugh, made her happy, and she s enjoyed her relationship with him ever since, experiencing more emotional closeness than ever before.

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