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pregnant and dating wiki

The estimated date of delivery (EDD), also known as expected date of confinement, and estimated due date or simply due date, is a term describing the estimated delivery date for a pregnant woman. Start a Wiki . Joey tries to be comfortable about living with and dating Rachel when she is pregnant with Ross' baby, but in The One Eventually, Joey starts dating Charlie, which upsets both Rachel and Ross, who has feelings for Charlie. Company Picnic - Pam finds out she's pregnant with Cecelia Halpert. she seems bothered by the prospect of Jim dating Katy, a saleswoman ("Hot Girl").

Later that day, she attends the funeral of Daniel Cleaver Hugh Grantwho is presumed dead after a plane crash.

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While there, she sees her ex Mark Darcy Colin Firth with his new wife Camilla, who are also attending to pay their respects. When Mark looks over towards her as she gets up to speak at the eulogy, she pretends that another funeral guest is her partner, as she's embarrassed at being single while Mark has moved on. They bump into each other after the service, have a brief awkward chat during which Mark introduces Bridget and Camilla, and then go their separate ways.

Bridget now works as a top television producer and is close friends with the anchor of the news show she runs, Miranda Sarah Solemaniwho offers to take her out for her birthday. Bridget turns down her offer as she'd already made plans to celebrate with her old gang of three best friends, but is disappointed when they all cancel on her at the last minute due to family commitments.

pregnant and dating wiki

In the end, she spends the night of her birthday alone at home. Deciding to embrace her single life, Bridget accepts Miranda's offer to go away together for a girls' weekend.

They go to a music festival, where her friend challenges her to sleep with the first man she meets in order to finally get over Mark and break her celibacy. Inappropriately dressed for a music festival, Bridget falls head-first in a mud pool and is helped up by a random stranger.

He is struck by Bridget and, as she walks away, introduces himself as Jack. After attending an Ed Sheeran concert late at night, a drunk Bridget crawls into a yurt she thinks belongs to her and Miranda, but actually belongs to Jack. Despite the surprise, Jack invites her to stay - the two have a one-night stand and in the morning, finding the bed empty, Bridget makes her escape.

Jack returns having bought breakfast for both of them, and is disappointed to find that she has gone. After returning home, Bridget goes to the christening of Jude's youngest child, where she is the godmother and Mark has been asked to be the godfather at the last minute.

Bridget and Mark awkwardly pose for the christening photos - as Bridget walks away with the baby, both turn back to look at each other, suggesting they may still harbour romantic feelings for each other. After a few drinks help them overcome their initial awkwardness, while dancing Mark tells her that he and his wife are in the process of divorcing, and that Camilla was at Daniel's funeral not as his wife but just to offer him support.

Realising they are still in love with each other, Bridget and Mark kiss passionately and spend the night together. When Mark reveals he is travelling for work early the next day, Bridget is reminded that during all their years together, he had always put work before their relationship and so leaves in the morning before he wakes up, leaving behind a note telling him that reconnecting with him is too painful and lonely.

A few weeks later, Bridget finds that she is gaining weight despite dieting and exercising.

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Her best friend Shazzer suggests that the reason for the weight-gain might be that she is pregnant, especially when she realises that Bridget used old expired condoms when spending the night with Jack and Mark respectively.

Believing expiry dates on condoms are fictitious, she is in shock at the possibility of being pregnant - taking a pregnancy test at work with Miranda's help, Bridget confirms that she is infact pregnant and decides that she wants to keep the baby despite being single, as it might be her last chance to have a child due to her age.

After a visit to the clinic of obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr.

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Rawlings Emma Thompsonshe realizes that it's not possible to work out who the father is based on dates and that she doesn't have a way of contacting Jack, the handsome stranger. However, by chance Miranda spots him on an advert on TV - the handsome stranger is infact Jack Qwant, a billionaire inventor of a dating site that uses algorithms as a rational base for match-making.

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Miranda conspires with Bridget to have Jack invited as a guest on their news show, so that their make-up artist colleague can take hair samples to enable a DNA test to be carried out to confirm or eliminate Jack as the father, and so that Miranda can probe him on his sexual and personal history.

Their new boss is impressed by their idea of having Jack Qwant as a guest - at the taping, the make-up artist is able to nab samples of Jack's hair and nails.

Although Bridget tries to stay incognito, Jack catches a glimpse of her and recognizes her - he catches up with her after the show and confronts her on why she has humiliated him on his sexual history on live TV and on why she left without a word after their night together.

She apologises and decides to tell him that she is pregnant and that he is the father, without mentioning Mark. Initially taken aback at the responsibility of having a child with a stranger he's only had a one-night-stand with, Jack then decides to throw himself into the role of being a father and supporting Bridget and the baby. Unsure of her feelings for Jack and feeling that things are moving too quickly with him, Bridget decides to go forward and tell Mark the news too.

pregnant and dating wiki

However, Mark is so thrilled at the prospect of having a child with Bridget that she can't find the courage to tell him about Jack. At the clinic, Dr. Rawlings is preparing to administer the DNA test - however, having seen the size of the needle, Bridge decides not to go ahead with the test while her child is still in the womb, as she is terrified by the small risk of miscarriage.

Rawlings to go through the ante-natal appointments twice, once with Jack and another time with Mark, to keep up the pretense that each might be the father until the end of the pregnancy. Bridget invites Jack to a work event, and is startled when Mark shows up as well. The two men immediately take a liking to each other, finding the other's professional accomplishments impressive.

pregnant and dating wiki

The three of them go out to dinner, where Bridget finally comes clean and tells them that she is unsure who the father is. Although disappointed, Jack takes the news well and tells Bridget that the child is the priority.

Mark, however, is too upset and hurt and walks out of the restaurant. At an ante-natal class, Jack arrives early and Bridget is gratified when Mark shows up as well. Estimation of gestational age[ edit ] According to American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologiststhe main methods to calculate gestational age are: If the gestational age as calculated from an early ultrasound is contradictory to the one calculated directly from the last menstrual period, it is still the one from the early ultrasound that is used for the rest of the pregnancy.

There is in any case considerable variation among individual pregnancies. Variability[ edit ] Distribution of gestational age at childbirth among singleton live births, given both when gestational age is estimated by first trimester ultrasound and directly by last menstrual period.

The median is merely a guideline for the day at which half of all births occur earlier, and half of all births occur later. Births rarely occur on a due date, but they are clustered around due dates. The rule estimates the expected date of delivery EDD by adding a year, subtracting three months, and adding seven days to the origin of gestational age. The result is approximately days 40 weeks from the start of the last menstrual period.

Another method is by adding 9 months and 7 days to the first day of the last menstrual period. Naegele's rule is named after Franz Karl Naegele —the German obstetrician who devised the rule. InNaegele became ordinary professor and director of the lying-in hospital in Heidelberg. His Lehrbuch der Geburtshilfe, published in for midwives, enjoyed a successful 14 editions. Using the example above, 8 May is a Friday. The calculated date 15 February is a Monday; adjusting to the closest Friday produces 12 February, which is exactly days past 8 May.

pregnant and dating wiki