Missy elliott and timbaland dating quotes

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missy elliott and timbaland dating quotes

Missy Elliott relationship list. Missy Elliott dating history, , , list of Missy Elliott relationships. Timbaland and Missy Elliott were in a relatio. Dec 16, Timbaland has dominated the music scene, working with big names like Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott and Dr. Dre (to name a few), but there's. Melissa Arnette "Missy"/"Misdemeanor" Elliott (born July 1, ) is an American rapper, singer, . After leaving Swing Mob, Elliott and Timbaland worked together as a songwriting/production team, crafting tracks . A year after Elliott's most successful album to date was released, Elliott felt pressured by her label to release.

Missy Elliott next released Miss E So Addictive in The album spawned the massive pop and urban hits " One Minute Man ", featuring Ludacris and Trinaand " Get Ur Freak On ", as well as the international club hit " 4 My People " and the less commercially successful single " Take Away ".

The "Take Away" video contained images of and words about Aaliyah, and the slow ballad acted as a tribute to her memory. The remainder of the video was the more upbeat "4 My People", contained scenes of people dancing happily in front of American flags and Elliott dressed in red, white and blue.

missy elliott and timbaland dating quotes

Though "Take Away" was not a success on radio, "4 My People" went on to become an American and European club hit due to a popular remix by house music duo Basement Jaxx in The single was a top ten hit, thanks partially to Elliott's songwriting and guest rap, and to Timbaland's unusual production on the track.

Although not released as single and with no video, "Pussycat" peaked at number 77 on the Billboard Hot The track reached 1 in Japan but failed to chart in the U. Elliott was also featured on Wyclef Jean 's " Party to Damascus " and Ghostface Killah 's " Tush " singles, the latter of which became a minor dance hit, and had a pivotal role in the film Honey. Gap approached Elliott later in the year to co-star in a commercial with Madonna, which received much media attention.

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A year after Elliott's most successful album to date was released, Elliott felt pressured by her label to release another album, hoping to capitalize on her recent success. However, both were not as successful at pop radio in comparison to many of her previous efforts.

I didn't want it to come out when it did. The Cookbook and Respect M. Elliott's work during The Cookbook era was heavily recognized. It served as the lead single for the soundtrack to the gymnastics-themed film Stick It. The collection became her second top ten album in the UK and her highest charting album to date, peaking at number seven there. Elliott released the song " Best, Best " in the same year [34] and renamed the albums previous title FANomenal to its current tentative title Block Party.

Things happen in your life where you can then write something else instead of the same three topics. Like, how many times we gonna talk about the club? I gotta feel like what I'm giving the fans is percent and that it's game-changing. I don't just throw out microwave records.

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In she made an appearance in " Whatcha Think About That " by The Pussycat Dollsand performed live in different places with them. Personal life[ edit ] Elliott has said that she wants to start a family, but she is afraid of giving birth.

Maybe in the year you could just pop a baby out and it'd be fine. But right now I'd rather just adopt. The rumours were true; she seemed properly humble.

Elliott has often spoken about her troubled childhood, grow-ing up in Plymouth, Virginia. Her father, Ronnie, was an ex-Marine who beat up her mother, Patricia, day in, day out, often while holding a gun at her head.

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The family had very little money, and so her mother stayed with Ronnie until Missy was 14, and they made their escape with the help of relatives. Elliott remembers refusing to sleep over at friends' houses in case something extra-bad happened to her mother while she was away, saving her lunch money to help out with the housekeeping, and - despite scoring as a genius on not one, but two IQ tests - failing all her exams because of general misery she did in the end pull herself together, study, and score straight As.

missy elliott and timbaland dating quotes

All of which is a far cry from a lavish mansion in Virginia with a driveway, or several, with three Mercedes, a Jaguar, Lexus, Cadillac and Lamborghini pulled up along side one another. Can she believe it, I wonder, that here she is, in the Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico, worrying about having jewellery stolen - a million dollars'-worth, no less? Oh yeah, I love my mother," she says quietly, as much to herself as to me.

Because I remember writing letters to Janet, saying, come get me from school, and now she is sitting at my video shoot, just chilling.

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And so each day I feel blessed, because it feels like just yesterday I was saying I need to move to New York. I need to be somewhere where somebody can hear me.

It is well known that she wrote endless letters throughout high school to her musical heroes, Michael and Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, even the British pop band Five Star, begging to be rescued. She did the same sort of thing a few years later, only this time the letters were sent out with demo tapes that she had made with her neighbour and friend, Timbaland, now one of the most exciting producers in the industry.

Faith Evans, the R 'n' B singer who is part of Puff Daddy's inner circlewas an early recipient; she spread the word about the duo's talent.

Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash last yearwas also sent a tape. Still, it was only when Elliott appeared on Gina Thompson's record, 'The Things You Do', that record companies first began seeking her out as a performer, rather than as a behind-the-scenes secret weapon, writing hits for - as well as Aaliyah - Lil' Kim, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child and Whitney Houston.

missy elliott and timbaland dating quotes

No one had thought of her as a frontwoman because, she was told frankly, she was too big, too short and didn't look good in a bikini. In fact, one of the reasons Elliot looks so unrecognisable today is because she has, literally, shrunk. So I got on the treadmill.

missy elliott and timbaland dating quotes

That's why I have to get on the treadmill four times a day. I never drank water. I didn't use to like water, but I've had to train myself to drink it. But wait until you see the video.

It's the best one yet.

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The first single from the album is called 'Work It', and its lyrics go like this: To hear Elliott rapping about sex is a wholly different experience to listening to most singers whining on or showing off about it. Missy Elliott is deeply, properly, messily sexy, and not in that thrice-removed, tweezed, plucked, pounded and airbrushed way that Foxy Brown or Janet Jackson or even Jennifer Lopez is sexy.

When you listen to Under Construction you realise that it has been a very long time since you last heard a truly sexy record. And yet, not once does the record sound coarse, and never does Elliott, for all her spiked g-strings and inflatable suits, sound like she is striking a pose. So it's like, you want me to tell the truth, but when I do, it's too much for you.