Heartland amber marshall and graham wardle dating

Graham Wardle Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating

heartland amber marshall and graham wardle dating

With Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Chris Potter. Christmas comes to Heartland, along with an anonymous call about starving horses. Graham Wardle is a Canadian actor, film producer, writer and photographer. Heartland match up Amy Fleming (played by Amber Marshall) is so intense that Following a period of dating, Graham, in tied the knot with Allison Wardle. Heartland: Graham Wardle interview Ty Borden, Graham Wardle, Amber Marshall, . Actors, Heartland Amy, Ty Borden, Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle.

The nature of the media landscape is changing. Yes, media is different nowadays. Networks and PR people see the value in the blog space as a medium. At the Blissdom Canada conference this past week, I had the pleasure of participating in a round table with the folks at CBC. You see, CBC gets it.

They see the value. They want to know how to use us bigger, better. They want to invite us behind the scenes and let us write about chin stubble and headgear and shoes and crazy audition stories. And you know why? Because our audience is listening.

heartland amber marshall and graham wardle dating

It is filled with moms and dads and college students and grandparents and crazy cat ladies. It is filled with television and movie watchers. It is filled with radio listeners.

Amber Marshall & Graham Wardle react to #WhyILoveHeartland videos - Heartland - CBC

It is filled with CBC audiences. We go way back, those Heartland people and I. While preparing for the interview Read: So, I figured there would never be a better place than a social media conference to talk to them about this changing landscape of media and social media and celebrities. We have some serious fans. There is such a huge space for it in our lives.

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The majority of our fans are in that age bracket and so many of them are major social networkers. And they have the time to do it. And exciting for us at the same time. I posted to my twitter that I would be doing this. It was cool because I talked to people from Argentina, Belgium, the states, and Canada. I basically opened the floor and said I would answer questions.

It was like…so, we hear you did a float tank! The questions were things I was excited about answering. This idea is met with much resistance, especially from Jack. Family members derisively refer to the business as the "Dude Ranch", and the name sticks, though no longer with its negative connotation. Along the way, Lou breaks up with her boyfriend from New York and tries to re-kindle a romance with the local vet, Scott Cardinal.

In season two, Lou's relationship with Scott dissolves. She meets her future husband, Peter, thanks to a setup by Jack's girlfriend Lisa, and starts a secret relationship with him due to Peter's job in the oil industry. Lou had previously rallied the local ranchers against Peter's oil company, and expects Jack would not approve of her choice of boyfriend. Later, Lou's relationship with Peter is more public and they marry at the end of season 3. They move to Dubaibut she soon feels very alone in such a foreign country and grows to miss Heartland and her family.

When they move back home, Lou finds out she is pregnant. After several failed attempts to buy a place of their own and even to build a home somewhere on the acre property at Heartland, Lou and Peter buy Mr.

Hanley's ranch from Mrs. Bell and they plan to move into it and refurbish it. However, faulty wiring in the structure causes a fire, and the buildings and stables burn, leaving them no choice but to remain at Heartland.

Lou has a positive relationship with her sister Amy, providing a listening ear and timely advice when she needs it, and Amy often plays the same role for Lou. Lou is also close with her father, Tim, and she is the first one to reconnect with him after Marion's death.

In Season 6, Lou and Peter decide to adopt an orphan named Georgina Crawley, whom Jack had been fostering after discovering her hiding in the loft. In season 8, Lou and Peter start having relationship problems since Peter is constantly in Vancouver for his job. On Amy's advice, Lou goes to Vancouver to talk things over with him, but they decide to separate.

Peter returns to Hudson to try to persuade Lou that they can work things out, but she is not interested, since nothing has changed. Lou later tries online dating, and seems to be falling for the new stable hand, Mitch. Peter visits regularly for his daughters, and interferes with Lou and Mitch's budding romance whenever he is at Heartland.

heartland amber marshall and graham wardle dating

She runs it with Tim, who acts as her business partner. Lou eventually works on bringing Maggie's to New York City and spends much of her time flying back and forth, with the rest of her family taking care of Georgie and Katie. He is a former rodeo star and was once a cattle rancher. When Marion took over, Heartland became a horse ranch. After her death, Jack helps Amy and Ty maintain Heartland and its horses and he is the one who fixes broken equipment, fences, and the like.

Early in the series, he was very hostile towards ex-son-in-law Tim. The men have maintained a difficult relationship stemming from Tim's troubled past with alcohol and prescription drug abuse, his acrimonious divorce from Marion, and lack of involvement in Amy and Lou's lives. Jack seems to barely tolerate Tim's presence at times, and they've had numerous arguments over the running of the ranch. Jack was initially very judgmental towards Ty, and he warned the young man to keep ten feet away from his granddaughters at all times or risk losing any part of his body that crossed that line.

Over time, Jack comes to accept Ty like a son and shows a great deal of concern and paternal affection for him. When Ty seeks permission from Jack to ask for Amy's hand in marriage, Jack gives him his blessing.

In terms of personality, Jack is very stubborn and reluctant to accept change of any kind. This trait sometimes causes friction between him and others, most notably his romantic interest, Lisa Stillman, and with his granddaughter Lou.

heartland amber marshall and graham wardle dating

In season 7, Jack finally asks Lisa to marry him, and she says yes. They elope in the season 7 finale. Jack also suffers from heart problems after having a heart attack.

When Jack is missing one episode after collapsing in the fields, Tim is the one to find and save him. Jack dotes on his two great-granddaughters, Katie and Georgie. When she first came to Heartland, she was a misbehaving runaway, but because she wanted to stay, she began to improve her behavior.

Georgie has a habit of running away from every foster home in which she's been placed. Jack agrees to foster her until Clint was able to find another family to foster her. Not wanting her to leave, Lou and Peter agree to become her long-term foster parents and later adopt her.

Heartland star Amber Marshall gets makeover in Season 8

Georgie adores Katie, her little sister. She is a naturally talented show jumper, reminding Ty of Amy on Spartan when Georgie jumps with Phoenix. She met Phoenix when she was escaping from her social worker and rode for the first time, astounding the family. Georgie is a tomboy and shares a lot of Amy's personality; she is fearless, talented, strong-minded, and clever. This makes Mallory very jealous of her when they first meet.

In Season 6, she finds an Alsatian dog running wild, whom she is allowed to keep and names Remi. When Georgie was 3, her birth parents were killed in a car accident. She has an older brother named Jeff.

Over time, Georgie develops strong bonds with the family. However, she continues to misbehave at times, even running away once. She has a rival named Olivia, with whom she later develops a grudging friendship.

In the later seasons, Georgie and Olivia join the Extreme Team, a trick riding group. This replaces show jumping as Georgie's main extracurricular interest. She works hard and is one of the best members of the team, performing stunts such as Roman riding. Georgie has some difficulty balancing schoolwork, life on a ranch, and her interest in trick riding. She struggles in math, to the point that Lou hires a math tutor on the recommendation of Georgie's teacher.

While Georgie is very reluctant to have a tutor in math, her grades improve. Georgie later develops romantic feelings for Adam Parker, her tutor. Although he reciprocates her feelings, Adam's father is against their association, feeling that Georgie is a bad influence on his son.

Eventually, it all works out and Georgie and Adam date for a few months.

Heartland (Canadian TV series) - Wikipedia

They break up over a perceived breach of privacy when Adam sees Georgie's messages exchanged with Clay McMurtry and thinks she has feelings for him.

Georgie also develops a strong friendship with Jade Virani, though they were definitely not friends when they met in Season 7. After a rodeo accident, he struggled with prescription drug painkiller abuse and alcoholism. As a result, Jack kicked Tim out and he moved to Fort St.

After Amy and Lou's mother dies, he comes back into the picture, moving to Big River Ranch making him "practically a neighbor" to Heartland and he becomes a regular character. Tim later buys Big River Ranch when its owner, Ray, dies and has a brief relationship with Ray's daughter, who inherited the ranch. He later begins to date a jockey named Janice, and nearly moves to California with her.

When he reveals this to Janice, she leaves for California without him. At the end of season 5, it is announced that Miranda has feelings for Tim.

In seasonsTim still thinks he's a big shot. He starts a rodeo school, a horse-selling business, and a new relationship. When he finds out that Miranda is getting married, he tries to crash the wedding, until Jack hides his keys and they have an argument. After he moves on, he has a long-term relationship with Casey McMurtry and later starts his own rodeo school.

In the beginning he is rather husky, has feelings for Amy, and develops a strong rivalry with Ty over Amy. He and Amy are a couple for a short period, but Amy soon goes back to Ty. He grows close to and falls in love with Ashley Stanton, eventually getting married.

heartland amber marshall and graham wardle dating

Caleb is a rodeo cowboy, competing in events such as bronc riding. Before his marriage to Ashley, Caleb is severely injured at a rodeo. After a battle with prescription drugs and alcohol, much like Tim's, he comes out okay but much thinner.

Caleb and Ashley have a difficult marriage, struggling with financial problems, pressure from Val Stanton Ashley's motherand differing life goals. Caleb and Ashley originally elope, but after discovering that their officiator's license had expired, they have a wedding outside Caleb's trailer where they had been living.

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They go on honeymoon to Italy and stay with one of Val's friends, but Caleb returns alone. Ashley remains in Italy for a time, then decides she wants to pursue postsecondary education in Vancouver.

Caleb moves to be with Ashley there, but they drift apart as she makes new friends and spends more time away from Caleb. They eventually divorce, and Caleb returns to Hudson and resumes working at Heartland as a ranch hand, though he returns to his seasonal occupation at the rodeo. Caleb loves his American Quarter HorseShorty, who is his rodeo partner. He eventually winds up in a long-term relationship with Cassandra, who was a vet student a year or two ahead of Ty and works at Scott's clinic.

Caleb and Cass have a pregnancy scare, and Caleb finds the pregnancy test. There is quite a bit of dramatic irony during this episode, as the audience knows Cass is the one who might be pregnant, but Caleb and Ty become convinced it is Amy. In the end, this is sorted out. Caleb and Cass almost break up, but he eventually proposes and they are married in a church in Hudson at the end of Season Ty and Amy were supposed to attend, but Amy went into labour just as they arrived, and they had to rush home.

heartland amber marshall and graham wardle dating

He was first introduced as PW, the owner of a small oil company called Bedford Oil, caught doing some drilling on Heartland property.