Han ji min and yoochun dating services

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han ji min and yoochun dating services

I mean this less in a rubber necking way and more concerned about whether the company is having a mini-meltdown as I. If you want to watch more of Han Ji-min's small screen productions, here is list of all the dramas that you should watch! Agency: SM C&C It could be that she is dating someone secretly, or that she is just single for now. Han Ji-min (born November 5, ) is a South Korean actress. After minor roles in All In and In October , Han left her talent agency S.M. Entertainment's SM C&C and joined Lee . "Han Ji-min to star in Park Yuchun drama". 10Asia.

She tries to get back at him by reminding him of the helium balloon incident from episode 4 but it has no impact because he fell asleep as she was talking. I told you he was a bit slow When the two finally decide to head home, its raining and its morning!

han ji min and yoochun dating services

Instead of finding grandma waiting for them at the apartment, they see Se-na. Later, at the office, Tae-mu has been making nice with the executives in the company. In a stunning turn of events, Tae-mu says Tae-yong deserves another chance.

Grandma tells Lee-gak not to waste this second chance and compete against Tae-mu.

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There is no way they think they can beat him. Lee-gak tells them they will lull Tae-mu into a false sense of security by pretending to be weak. As the minions are working on the plan, Lee-gak and Se-na go engagement dress shopping. She picks this dress. She will cut you! The two go to a coffee shop and she tells him straight up that something is wrong with their relationship. He tells her its probably just her imagination.

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Instead of play into the victim role more, she leaves him behind. At the apartment, Park-ha is cleaning out her room and getting ready to move. But of course, the conversation between Lee-gak and Park-ha ends up in bickering and storming off in a huff.

The girls are mad at the minions for letting this happen. The minions are shamed but assure the girls they have their reasons for letting it happen. Park-ha is happy with far away. While Tae-mu is distracted, Lee-gak will go back to the cosmetics company and try to regain their favor.

After another bitch fest with Se-na, Park-ha writes a good-bye letter and places it under a tissue box. Tae-mu begs Se-na not to go to Tae-yong Lee-gak because he believes Tae-yong will soon be ruined. If there is one thing this Kdrama has taught me, its that whenever you are having an important conversation, someone is always listening in. Tae-mu is blinded by love and defends her. His dad then tells him that Se-na has been lying to him about her family the entire time.

While looking for Park-ha at work, Lee-gak goes to her department and asks for her. Shocked, he runs home to find her room empty. He finds the good-bye letter from Park-ha and reads it.

han ji min and yoochun dating services

He even finds Becky to see were Park-ha went. After getting no help from Becky, he goes back to the apartment but even that place is difficult for him to be in because so much of it reminds him of Park-ha. She takes him into her office where he instantly sees a photograph of the entire family taken before Se-na allowed Park-ha to be taken away.

However, instead of doing the right thing by telling Chairman Jang about her daughter, Tae-mu will use this information to his advantage. He calls up Se-na and requests to see her.

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Tae-yong Lee-gak will be cut out entirely. They also need to send Park-ha far away so that she never finds out her true mother and inheritance. Before the credits roll, we are left with one final scene.

han ji min and yoochun dating services

When morning comes, Park-ha returns to the apartment after interviewing for the job and finds Lee-gak sitting in a lawn chair. He sees her and is in complete shock. Writing a measly letter and not being reachable by phone, are you planning to kill me out of shock?! Why are you rendering me to such a state? Why did you make me like this? But now, after seeing your face, I think I understand. I had wanted to see you all day yesterday. Park-ha comments that he always just does what he wants without regard to the feelings of anyone else and turns away from him.

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