Difference between freshman and seniors dating

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difference between freshman and seniors dating

A senior girl dating a freshman boy - Find a woman in my area! the age difference in highschool, in high school and people date a senior is a thing for growth. As you get older, age differences will not matter as that this is one major drawback of dating an older. I am aware senior and freshman is generally viewed as creepy, but So that age gap in a person's teen years can present relationship issues.

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Freshmen may be in classes with upperclassmen for the first time too, especially electives like phys. And freshmen find out very quickly that the pace of high school is different than junior high: Or maybe it just seems that way because there is more work than in junior high!

That adjustment period is long over by senior year. The confusion over classes and newness of the way high school works fades away. A lot of the initial excitement about high school fades away too, especially as seniors face the struggles and stress of applying to colleges while balancing all their other responsibilities and tougher classes.

Speaking of which, seniors often have the freedom to take more specialized high school classes, like electives, and can take advantage of AP and other challenging top-level courses.

Why keep trying in your classes when your future is already decided? A serious dip in your grades can have real-world consequences, like missing out on scholarship opportunities, disappointing potential future recommendation writers for scholarships or internshipsand maybe even losing your college acceptances.

Graduation—and vacation—will come soon enough. You can make it until then! Physical changes Not to get all health class about it, but many of the most obvious differences between high school freshmen and seniors are their physical transformations. Freshmen are right out of junior high and still look like kids.

Many have braces, glasses, acne Many are skinny and undeveloped, while plenty of others still have a little baby fat hanging around.

difference between freshman and seniors dating

But, eventually, braces come off, contacts replace glasses, and slowly, freshmen start to transform into stronger, better versions of themselves. With those physical changes, a lot of students gain more confidence—although, of course, most students still struggle with self-image and self-esteem to some degree.

Some freshmen are almost unrecognizable by the time they're seniors, while others keep changing a lot well after high school.

difference between freshman and seniors dating

Maturity levels Students are more mature by the time they're seniors well, usually. Would that make a difference?

Oldest Newest 73 Posts w wonka5 I'd have a bigger problem with the actual ages than with the class of the individuals.

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You also will have freshmen who had been held back in elementary who are older than the other freshmen. My girls aren't allowed to date until at least 16 and their dates have to be their age group. I wouldn't support a year-old dating an year-old. We got caught and he got charged. I felt horrible, we both knew the risks but we did it anyway It definitely stunted his life having to register.

I think in a situation like this the age is complicated. Because there is the assumed "maturity" of high school and each grade seems equivalent taking class with one another it's hard to keep the separation.

I would interfere with the relationship to the extent of ending it because the older individual will lose everything consensual or not. I would not call the police but definitely convince them from it. W StarScat One of the many reasons I was grateful that our school system had grades as junior high and was high school.

It eliminated that issue.

In HS, how is senior dating sophomore viewed compared to senior dating freshmen?

But I was a junior, dating a senior. I was 16 and he was 19 started school late and was held back a year. He was a good kid and both our parents were ok with it after a big, and embarrassing at the time, meet and greet.

Most were turned off by the mere suggestion but I clearly remember one of the male teachers pulling him aside and telling him that it was wrong and would only lead to trouble. To me that's gross.

difference between freshman and seniors dating

She didn't even go to our school.