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dating whiting and davis bags

Whiting & Davis History - Our company history covering of mesh jewelry, handbags and products from founders William H. Wade, Edward P. Davis and. Whiting & Davis has been known for its high quality and striking this in mind when attempting to precisely date Whiting & Davis handbags. Apparently relatively few of these bags were made and even fewer . Neither Whiting & Davis nor Fleischer Studios have records dating back.

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Note the different types of mesh that were being produced in This glove was produced after a mink farm went to them seeking a glove to protect their workers from bites. The gloves proved to be valuable in other jobs, including that of garment cutters.

During WWII Whiting and Davis helped produce radar equipment, but when the war was over they went back to handbags and other accessories such as wallets and belts. During the s they also returned to the production of jewelry.

Throughout that time handbags were still produced, but by the s the company was steering away from handbags and jewelry and was developing more industrial safety products.

But this story has a happy ending. The company was bought by plant manager Darrin Cutler who then set about to return the company to its roots as a handbag and jewelry maker.

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Today both are made, along with other mesh products such as curtains. And they will work with companies to develop mesh products to meet their needs. I was surprised when I realized how many of these pieces I own. She starred in a total of films between and !

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And she was so popular that her likeness became one of the most frequently used images in mass merchandising during the Depression era. Apparently relatively few of these bags were made and even fewer remain after eighty-odd years. She also appeared in print in the comic section of a few newspapers starting in Julybut the comic strip never achieved the popularity of her cartoons. The daily strip ended after less than a year and the Sunday strip lasted only until November Betty, her floppy poodle ears morphing into hoop earrings and her black poodle nose becoming a tiny, turned-up button nose, was introduced as a Jazz Age flapper in the cartoon Any Rags.

She started out as a supporting character in ten cartoons and was portrayed as a scatter-brained flapper with a heart of gold. Bimbo to Bimbo was a purely fictional cartoon dog that appeared in Fleischer productions from through Bimbo was demoted to a supporting role when Betty Boop supplanted him as the most popular character in the Fleischer troupe.

A few other actresses followed Hines until Fleischer discovered vaudeville performer Mae Questel in Questel initially shared the voicing role for Betty with other artists, but soon took it over exclusively.

Remarkably versatile and talented, Questel was also the voice of Olive Oyl for twenty years. She even voiced Popeye in a few cartoons, as well as Casper and Little Audrey. Improvisational scat singers strung together groups of words and alliterative sounds that were intentionally nonsensical.

Cab Calloway recorded a tune actually named The Scat Song in that contains the following lyrics: And skeep-beep de bop-bop beep bop bo-dope skeetle-at-de-op-de day! Although the invented phrases are meaningless, the way Calloway employs them imparts meaning.

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Koko the clown hears Betty struggling and arrives just in time to rescue her. The case was finally heard in New York in It was revealed that a few years earlier Kane had attended a performance by Baby Esther, an African American singer that employed a similar vocal style.

She was the flapper personified to many motion picture fans.

dating whiting and davis bags

However, the National Legion of Decency and the Production Code ofcommonly known as the Hays Code, significantly impacted the content of her films. The Hays Code imposed detailed restrictions on the type of content films could reference with sexual innuendo, and its implementation put an end to flouting of the largely unenforced rules adopted in This turn of events had a profoundly negative effect on the Betty Boop cartoons.

There was a gradual decrease in the number of curls in her hair, and her gold bracelets and hoop earrings disappeared. Even her personality changed as she became more mature and less frivolous. In a further effort to make her more appealing to a younger audience was attempted with the addition of Grampy, an eccentric inventor.

A similar issue developed during the same period at the Walt Disney Studios with Mickey Mouse, who was becoming overshadowed by the popularity of his co-stars Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. In the late s the swing era succeeded the Jazz Age that Betty originally represented.

Fleischer Studios made a bid to develop a swing-style character in the cartoon Betty Boop and Sally Swing, but the film was not a box-office success. Betty Boop Mesh Purse Circa There are two known varieties of Betty Boop mesh purses, and perhaps other versions that have not yet surfaced.

The first shows just an image of raven-haired Betty standing, hands on hips, in a pre-Hays Code red dress inside an oval vignette with her name in red letters below.

dating whiting and davis bags

The second purse shows Betty in the same red dress, but with red hair and bent over at the waist, hands on her knees, watching Bimbo juggling three balls.