Chemistry and attraction dating

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chemistry and attraction dating

Jul 21, Sexual attraction feels chemical, like a drug. It's a glorious But herein lies the problem with online dating: Sexual Chemistry has no profile. Dec 14, When people meet on a first date, they are usually looking for that Attraction: THIS Is What Determines Whether You Have "Chemistry" Or Not. Apr 5, A little dose of chemistry can make a date go from OK to great. It has the magic ability to turn around an awkward evening, get conversation.

Suddenly, sappy love songs on the radio make perfect sense.

The Science Behind The CHEMESTRY Between Two People

When you are physically close, you feel the heat of connection and the pull between your energy as if there is an invisible force or "love vortex" encircling you This electric-like love energy transfixes you on your only goal: We all are unconsciously attracted to what is familiar -- until we choose something different. When dating, you want to make sure you are falling for a healthy partner, and not recreating old dysfunctional patterns.

According to author Ross Rosenberg, all too often we fall in love with the same person, but with a "different face. She came back for at tune-up session a year or so later. She said she knew she needed to see me again when the first guy she dated was essentially her ex-husband "with a different name and an Australian accent.

chemistry and attraction dating

Over nearly 20 years of counseling individuals and couples, one of the most prevalent and under-discussed issues is the powerful and dysfunctional attraction between codependents "givers" and pathological narcissists "takers". Rosenberg brilliantly addresses this powerful dynamic in his highly recommended book, The Human Magnet Syndrome.

chemistry and attraction dating

Rosenberg says, The book explains why patient, giving and selfless individuals -- codependents -- are predictably attracted to selfish, self-centered and controlling partners -- emotionally manipulators. Like clockwork, codependents and emotional manipulators find themselves habitually and irresistibly drawn into a relationship that begins with emotional and sexual highs, but later transforms into a painful and disappointing dysfunctional "relationship dance. If we work on ourselves in therapy, recovery, coaching or other personal development programs, we will decrease the likelihood that we are unconsciously attracted to unhealthy people and relationships.

Recognize your relationship patterns, love yourself and attract the love you deserve! She needs to FEEL something — a spark. Just like you need to feel a spark for her, she needs to feel that spark for you. Women need to feel. And only through being able to create a connection with a woman can you then be able to unlock the next levels with women — attracting her, seducing her, and beyond.

They typically come across too dull or emotionally void to women, and thus no emotional feelings are triggered in her. Especially the more left-brain dominant, technical guys you know who you are!

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More on that and why that is in another post. But in short, most left-brainers and guys tend to talk to women like they talk to other guys — in more concise, factual language instead of emotional or personal language.

chemistry and attraction dating

But women are different duh - our brains are wired differently, and we communicate much differently than men. This is one big area of difference. So, what do you do at your job as a Nurse? How many days a week do you work? So Where did you grow up? What part of LA do you live in now? Something she can share her personal opinion, experience or feelings on. What do you love most about your work?

Chemistry and Attraction: When It's Healthy and When It's Not

What are your favorite and least favorite things about Michigan? So how do you really feel about the guys, do you like them better out in Michigan or in LA? So how was your date last night bro? Oh it was good. That would probably last 5 minutes, max. Men usually communicate in terms of logistics and the bare necessities to get the point across.

Communication is more functional for guys.

chemistry and attraction dating

That 3-minute conversation between guy friends, would be about an hour amongst girl friends! Women talk in much more detail, they want descriptions, the juicy details, and want to know the feelings behind events that happened.