Borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating advice

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating advice

i heard my friend talking about how Mordecai and Lilith used to date before they set out on their vault Roland and Lilith are together in Borderlands 2, but the character who with Lilith in Borderlands 1 bloodwing tips (that kinda don't work) . submitted 2 years ago by [deleted] Lilith's grief and feelings of guilt over losing Roland are taking a toll. her undying grief for Roland, tips her over the edge into insanity. Yea, they briefly worked together in BL1, but they never had a real relationship as compared to someone like Moxxi, Scooter, or Zed. Borderlands 2: Roland Quotes Name's Roland -- used to be a vault hunter like you, until I formed the Crimson Raiders. .. He's out of date, though -- he'll need a software upgrade. Lilith, damnit, would you just trust me? . Word of advice out there -- next time you're fightin' a bunch of guys, leave the.

Lilith, Roland's girlfriend, just so happens to be a siren. Handsome Jack, on the other hand, has a vindictive streak. Do you see where this is going?

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating advice

So she gets a bit of sweet revenge in the end. Mine was pretty alright. She used to buy me chocolate and always had lemonade at the house when I was a kid. Handsome Jack, however, did not love his Grandmother. When he was a wee lad. But again, he was little Handsome Jack, so what could he do? He waited until he was big Handsome Jack and had her murdered.

Most people would have called social services. But that is what makes Jack, Jack. When you arrive, you find five bandits who have sacked the place and killed her.

After you murder the bandits, Handsome Jack contacts you and sobs. That's what the death laser is all about. It is used to keep Pandora under control, with its citizens constantly in fear of the giant H-shaped space station looking down on them.

And just what defines a bandit anyway? We've been trying to stop Jack for years -- taking out his men, raiding his Eridium mines -- but it hasn't been enough. But you -- you met Jack and lived. But thanks to some intel I stole from a Hyperion convoy, I found out An ancient, Eridian Warrior, powerful enough to destroy all life on Pandora. Whoever awakens it, gets to control it.

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We need the Vault Key to wake the Warrior. We're racing against time -- every ounce of that stuff Jack mines from the ground puts him closer to taking control of that warrior and wiping us out. We've gotta get our hands on the vault key.

Now, if anybody knows where the key's being kept, it's my spy out in Tundra Express. He's as good at gathering intel as he is at drinking. So I'm sure he's sleeping off last night's booze right now -- you'll need to get a fire weapon to wake him up. I'll explain when you get out there.

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating advice

I had it in my hand. The sound of some Varkids burning alive at the same time oughtta do it. You got a fire gun, right? You'll have to stir the Varkid's nest -- turn on those thumpers. Get ready to start burnin' em! Come back to my place and it's yours. Just shoot the snowman in the head and you'll get your gun. Now set some more on fire before that one dies. My old friend Tina can help; go talk to her.

She'll help you, but here's a tip: Better climb that wreckage to get there. Search the train cars for the power core. You'll have to get on top of that busted pipe and climb up the underside of the train.

They're probably keeping the vault key in the most fortified one.

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Jack doesn't stand a chance. Just do what she asks, and I guarantee she'll help you hijack the train and get the vault key. We may not have found the vault key, but at least Sanctuary will be safe a little longer thanks to you.

Did something just get through the shield?

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Scooter, get us in the air -- come on, let's go! Get to me, quick! Grab as much Eridium as you can carry.

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating advice

Get it to Lilith! We'd all be dead if it weren't for you.


But we need a plan. Dammit, we told you never to contact us again! Head to the Hyperion Preserve -- I think I know how to get past the first hurdle. And we leave Pandora. Mordecai should have what you need; he's camped out near the preserve. Think he needs your help with something.

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Do what you can to save her, but if you can't…she's got what we need to get into Control Core Angel and grab the vault key. That's what matters here. Get that software upgrade to Claptrap, and we'll be able to get through the security field leading to Control Core Angel. Come on back; we may have a way past the bunker.

He used to be part of the Crimson Raiders, until his methods got too brutal. Still, he owes me a favor, and he can help us get past the bunker outside Control Core Angel. Be careful, though -- he kinda The Slab King is up on the other cliff.