Are robin and patrick dating in real life

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are robin and patrick dating in real life

Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, MD is a fictional character from the ABC soap She is married to Dr. Patrick Drake and together they have daughter named, . initially get along, they began dating in against her uncle Mac's wishes. Judith Pinsker and Claire Labine (real world) · Robin Scorpio (General Hospital world). I think we can hopefully use our real-life friendship, and the ins and outs that we It would turn the Patrick/Sam/Jason/Robin story on its ear! Or, let him explore dating life again – let us see some more of his reckless side. The entire dramatic history of Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital, played by Jason Thompson! Emma was Patrick and Robin's little miracle! After Lulu and Maxie got him cleaned up, Patrick began dating Dr. Britt The couple remarried and left Port Charles to start their lives over somewhere far away.

She does not want him to marry her only because she is pregnant with his child, and although he states he wants to marry her for her, she still says no. She tells him that she loves him, but that she cannot marry him, and walks away, leaving Patrick heartbroken.

Patrick continues to try to convince Robin to marry him to no avail. Robin has a health scare and goes into early labor. They manage to stop the labor and Patrick promises to stop pressuring her about getting married. In true Robin and Patrick fashion, they cannot get on the same page - just when Robin realizes she does want to marry him, Patrick has finally accepted the fact that she does not. Patrick proposes again and Robin finally says yes.

They decide to marry before their daughter is born, and their wedding is set for October 29, Patrick, thinking he has all the time in the world, decides to go into the hospital to do last minute rounds. He cuts it close, but signs out on time. However, just as he is about to leave, Anthony Zacchara Bruce Weitz is brought in with a stroke and needs emergency surgery.

Matt Jason CookPatrick's newly found half brother who's also a neurosurgeon, offers to perform it, but Patrick is afraid that should something go wrong the Zaccharas would go after his brother.

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Meanwhile, back at the church, everyone waits for Patrick's arrival impatiently and believing that he has a case of cold feet and has left his fiancee at the altar. Robin is the only one who had no fears and no doubts and is certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that Patrick will be there. Patrick comes running in after a successful surgery and apologizes for his lateness, but Robin is cool-headed; she knew he would be there.

Mac walks her down the aisle, as her father Robert is still getting treatment for his cancer overseas. Just before their vows are exchanged, Robin's water breaks and she goes into labor.

While there is an HIV scare involving a nick on baby Emma's ear, her tests come back negative. As soon as they receive the good news, Robin falls into a coma and is diagnosed with Disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC. Robin regains consciousness a couple of days later to see Patrick holding Emma on the foot of the hospital bed.

are robin and patrick dating in real life

After she regains consciousness, Anna convinces her to keep fighting because Emma needs her mother. Once they get home, Robin becomes depressed believing Emma only cries with her.

are robin and patrick dating in real life

On ThanksgivingRobin and Patrick set another wedding date for just after Christmas, not wanting their wedding to interfere with their daughter's first Christmas. Anna returns from a mission around the same time. This time, Robert walks his daughter down the aisle and Robin asks Anna to be her maid of honor as opposed to Maxie who had the honors the first time.

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Patrick asks his brother, Dr. Matt Hunter, to be his best man in place of Coleman who stood up for him last time. On December 26, the wedding goes off without a hitch. No shootings, no delays, no drama. Just love and romance and happiness. Unfortunately, Robin unknowingly suffers from postpartum depression PPD.

are robin and patrick dating in real life

Robin's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and it takes a long time before Robin acknowledges that she has a problem. She starts seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication. But once she starts feeling better, Robin believes that she's cured and throws away her medication without her doctor's knowledge. Patrick finds out and stages an intervention where Robin's confronted by her doctor, family and friends.

Robin finally admits that she needs more help and leaves home to get treatment at an inpatient facility. She returns once her treatment's completed and apologizes for what she's put Patrick through. Robin asks him if they can fix their relationship. Patrick assures her that she's the center of their family's life. They finally get a chance to really talk. Patrick reassures Robin of how invested he is in their life together. The two say "I love you" to each other and they go home together where Robin reunites with Emma with whom she can now bond.

For a while, Robin's so attached to Emma that she actually contemplates not going back to work. Even Maxie notices and comments about how before Robin didn't even want to touch Emma, but now Patrick can't pry the baby out of her hands. Playing detective, Robin aids Patrick in proving that Brianna was murdered by the mayor's wife.

Robin and Patrick host Thanksgiving dinner for the family at their new house.

are robin and patrick dating in real life

Robin tells a skeptical Sam that the two guests of honor had very obvious chemistry at Maxie's "nonwedding" to Damian Spinelli Bradford Anderson. But Alexis and Mac realize something is afoot and tell the girls it is a waste of time. Matt also attends the dinner, unexpectedly bringing along Dr. Lisa Niles Brianna Brownan ex-girlfriend of Patrick's who is town. Patrick gives her a warm hug and Robin, though surprised, tells Lisa she is welcome.

Maxie, nursing influenza, misses the family event. Robin counsels Elizabeth Webber Rebecca Herbstwho is having a secret affair with Nikolas Cassadinebut is engaged to Lucky Spencer Jonathan Jacksonto be truthful about how she feels. In Patrick's former college girlfriend comes to town and the two strike up a flirtation; when Robin and Patrick start to have problems Robin begins to pull away from him. A few months later Robin decides to go to Africa despite Patrick's protestations.

In July while Robin is in Africa, Patrick gets drunk with Lisa after a successful surgery and the two have a one-night stand; Patrick immediately feels guilty and realizes his love for Robin when she comes home from Africa a few days early. The trouble continues when Carly Corinthos Jacks overhears Patrick and Lisa talking about their one night stand and counsels Patrick to keep it secret from Robin. Matters go from bad to worse when Lisa begins exhibiting strange behavior and even breaks into Patrick and Robin's house and cuts her face out of their wedding picture.

After being kidnapped by Lisa, Robin discovers Patrick's affair with Lisa and leaves him, completely heartbroken. However, when Lisa's obsession with Patrick spirals out of control to the extent where she attempts to murder Robin on several occasions, Robin and Patrick band together for Emma's sake to expose Lisa, and begin taking steps to repair their relationship. After the death of Jake Spencer, Robin apologizes for holding his betrayal against him for so long and asks him to come home so they can be a family again.

On February 21,Robin Scorpio-Drake died in an explosion at the hospital. Staying true to her medical oath she went into the lab to retrieve the serum for Jason Morgan's protocol. Patrick watched helplessly as the lab exploded with his wife trapped inside. The first person he told was her mother Anna. On March 26, Patrick received what he thought was Robin ashes, and he took them to the plot of land that they were going to build their dream home on to say goodbye to Robin.

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Patrick was having a hard time saying goodbye, and the next scene showed Robin alive and unconscious in a hospital bed in an undisclosed location. They grow closer and he proposes to her.

On Patrick's wedding day to Sabrina, Robin shows up. Emma sees her and they have a big reunion. Eventually, Patrick chooses Robin and they reunite in time to celebrate Christmas as a family with Emma.

Robin applies to be the chief of staff, but is overlooked, after Obrecht secures the position, following her own deal with the WSB. Patrick and Robin find out Sabrina's pregnant, but she claims that Patrick is not the baby's father.

Sabrina later admits to Patrick that the baby really is his, and Patrick and Robin agree to deal with the situation together. After refusing to help Victor, he reveals that he has also been holding Jason, and that Robin could revive him as well, if she helped in resurrecting Helena and Stavros.

Robin tells him that she can't leave the clinic. Patrick then see a cryogenic chamber, and he asks if Jason Billy Miller is in there. Robin says that it is Stavros, and that Jason is not there.

She started her series of guest starring spots on July 19, and lasted until July 27, She guest-starred for one episode on March 25,in a video message Robin left for Patrick. On August 21,Soap Opera Digest exclusively confirmed that McCullough had signed a contract to return to the series.

McCullough made her on-screen return on September 30, In JanuaryMcCullough confirmed her exit from the series once more, last airing on March 4, On June 23,McCullough revealed on her Twitter account that she's received "GH" scripts, this was later confirmed by Valentini that McCullough would be returning as Robin in the summer.

Her first airdate back was on August 5, Rumors are speculating that Robin will air again in December. She will be held captive with Luke at the deserted house in Corinth, Pennsylvania. Another rumor is that she will be reunited with her family on Christmas.

She left again on January 7, They will always have a history there. That is one of the things we get to play around with in our genre … that people can come back and forth, things can be rehashed and open and closed again, and never really closed. I think there is a going to be a really big part of that moving forward.

We will see where it goes. There is more going on with her story, too. There is more going on with Robin than Patrick knows. So as much as Patrick feels he is doing everything he can, he does not know her truth.

When the truth is revealed down the road … that just might end up pulling Patrick and Robin finally back together.

are robin and patrick dating in real life

Exactly, or to just explain it. How could it not be after what she went through, and what Patrick went through? It could make the whole thing palpable for him as he believes Jason is dead. But imagine the shock when, and if, Jason should return very much alive? I think there is a part of Patrick that is figuring what is in character, and what is not in character for him. If it is out of character maybe that is a good thing — spin it, and put a wrench in the spoke, and see what happens.

Brooklyn did one of the very best pieces of work I have seen in long time a few weeks ago. She will break your heart and she was unbelievable. She took her acting to a whole other level.